Download 360 Super Root for PC/Windows 10/7/8/8.1

In this article, we are going to share you 360 Super Root for PC Download process on your Windows/laptop. By reading this complete guide you can easily download and install the 360 super root on your computer. You can also download and install this app on your smartphone. First, you have to know about 360 super root app.

360 Super Root for PC

360 Super Root for PC

By name indicates that 360 super root for PC is a rooting application for your windows 10/7/8/8.1. Nowadays in a browser, there are a lot of rooting applications download for your PC. But selecting one among all the rooting applications is a little bit complicated. so from this guide, we will help you to suggest the best rooting app. By downloading this 360 super root you will get a lot of amazing features for your PC. This app is zero-risk, and it is available for free which will help you to root your windows quickly and easily.

To root your windows/PC, you don’t need more clicks to get rooting. 360 super root is computer based rooting app for your PC. So if you want to root your device, you need super root for PC. To complete the rooting in few minutes, you just have to download 360 super root for PC.

Preparing For Root

Before download and install the 360 super root for PC, you need to make sure that your PC supports the download apps from unknown sources. If you have done these settings then skip this process or else you have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • First, you have to go to your Windows settings
  • There you can see the additional settings
  • From that, you have to go to the security menu
  • Then it will pop up the allow installation of apps from unknown sources option. Just enable that unknown sources option and go.

How to Install and Download 360 Super Root for PC

360 Super Root for PC download for any windows version for rooting. Below we have mentioned the download link for 360 super root for PC. First, root your device and download this app for PC. Here we provide the step by step process to download this app.

  • First download Bluestacks Emulator on your PC/Windows
  • Just click on the below-mentioned link to download and install bluestacks

Download Bluestacks

  • Then browse 360 super root app for PC to download and install on windows
  • After completion of the download process then click on the file to install

Download 360 Super Root for PC

  • Wait for a while to complete the installation process on PC
  • You have to enable the Unknown Source on your PC. Then go to the Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  • Once installed the app, click on the OPEN button and then click on the Green button where ROOT is written in English and Chinese Language.
  • There you can see the ROOT which is written in English and Chinese language.
  • Then click on the open button and set all the setting and use the app.

Then you have successfully download this app. In a few minutes your device will be rooted, then the popup message will come that to ask you to reboot your device. Then it will automatically restart your device by downloading. The process is easy if you face any problem while rooting then comment below.

Supported Windows Version:

Microsoft Windows is having 9 major versions which were released at the year 1985. Past windows 10 looks very difficult for some people, but it is familiar with the elements which were survived at the time of a test, Windows can increase the computing power, recently it got updated like shift button from the keyboard and mouse to the touch screen. Here we have provided the history of PC. Actually, the original windows 1 was released at the year 1985 on the month of November and Microsoft windows attempt GUI(graphical user interface) 16-bit at the first time.

Windows are developed by Microsoft foundeBill gates at the top of MS-DOS. Actually, it was relied heavily on by using a mouse, the mouse is a common input device on the computer. The usage of the windows becomes familiar because of the reversi game which was developed by windows/PC and the game is relied on mouse control without using the keyboard. So that people used to move a mouse around and checking the onscreen elements.


This 360 Super Root for PC is one of the best rooting apps. If you are looking to root your device, this is the best app to root device. One of the best part about this 360 super root download is, it can support all the windows versions, and by just clicking the single button it can root your windows. One of the best efficient ways is to get root access granted on windows operating system, just by tapping it can download by one click for rooting.

Within few seconds you can download 360 super root for PC and root your windows/PC. I’m sure that you will definitely like to use this app on your PC. Download the latest version of the app, if any new version gets released, we will update you from here. If you have any queries regarding this app, then just comment in the comment section.

However, the main advantage of rooting your app is that it can allow you to control windows from its core. After rooting you can easily customize everything from your PC. In this app, we also have disadvantages of using this 360 super root for pc.



Download 360 Super Root for PC/Windows 10/7/8/8.1
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