How to Activate DND Mode in GBWhatsapp

DND Means Do Not Disturb, It is very helpful for the people who don’t want to be disturbed with GBWhatsApp notifications while playing games, watching movies, and doing any important work on your mobile. If you want to use the internet but who are in your contacts don’t want to see double ticks of your messages or WhatsApp messages will not disturb you. After turning on DND mode people do not want to be interrupted, such as meetings, formal events or at night. At any time when your activates DND mode, your WhatsApp will go offline. You can found this DND symbol at GBWhatsApp Main screen of chat beside the 3 Dots of setting as shown in the below image.

How to Download And Install DND Mode on GBWhatsapp

Some GBWhatsApp users even don’t know DND Mode feature in their application. To access this DND Mode feature, install GBwhatsapp apk. If you are using Whatsapp app then uninstall it and install latest version of the GBWhatsapp to get this DND mode features. Dont worry if you are not aware of this feature of GBwhatsapp, here iam going to share all the details about how to use DND mode in GBWhatsapp. There are some other mods of WhatsApp also available like YoWhatsApp and WhatsApp plus, which is having the other amazing features are avail in GBWhatsapp Latest version.

  •  Before you GBWhatsapp apk download on your android, first uninstall Whatsapp app on your phone.
  • Because you can not download both Whatsapp app and Gbwhatsapp at the same mobile number
  • Now, download and install GBWhatsApp apk latest version on android device.

GBWhatsapp Download

  • Open the app and enter your mobile number number to verify and it is same as like you did in official WhatsApp.
  • If this app is ready to use, at the top Middle of the screen you will see a WiFi-Like icon.
  • Wifi-like is the DND Mode button, simply click on that icon.
  • Then the app shows you a confirmation message on your screen, just click on “OK“ button.


  • It represents you have successfully enabled DND Mode in GBWhatsApp. Now, it will show you that “Isn’t Connected to the Internet” which means your WhatsApp is offline even if your Data connection is enabled.


  • You can also Turn off DND Mode in GBWhatsApp, simply click on the same button Again and you are online back.

Steps for using DND mode on GB Whatsapp

Here are the steps for using DND mode on GBWhatsapp, this is the easy and simple process. If you are looking how to activate or deactivate DND mode feature on gbwhatsapp, then here is the below mentioned process to activate or deactivate DND mode.

  • First you need to backup all data from the installed whatsapp app, for deleting this on your android device. From this app, you cannot use your phone number of 2 copies on your whatsapp simultaneously. You can also use this whatsapp application for in-built backup feature, where you can backup the data either from the google drive or from the device storage itself.
  • Then go for the above mentioned download link for GBWhatsapp, it is not available from the official google play store but you can have it from this article. You need to download this apk latest version from the above mentioned process.
  • If the app is downloaded, and install the app and go for the settings menu from your device and you need to install it from the unknown sources on your android device. If not you will get an error, while you try to download and use apk on your device.
  • After selecting the unknown sources option, now go to the file manager app from your device and you have to locate it from the folder.
  • Now you need to install this app on your device as like the other applications, or you can also follow the above mentioned installation process.
  • Tap on the app and now install the app. Then hit the Yes button until the application installation completely.
  • After completion of the installation process on your device, click on the app and register with your phone number.
  • In a chat window, you will get a wifi icon at the top. There you need to turn on/off the DND mode.
  • Now click on the icon and it will pop a message to the confirmation to switch on DND mode.
  • Click on Yes button, so that it will turn on the DND mode on GBwhatsapp. Now it will pop up a message on top “Isn’t connected to the internet”. Now you will get a message in your whatsapp app.


So, that is how you can activate DND Mode in GBWhatsApp. I hope, from this article you may have understood all of the steps. However, we have share this tutorial to download and use Gbwhatsapp with DND mode simpler. In case you are already downloaded and enjoying the features of GBWhatsApp, however, didn’t bought this characteristic then be sure to have put in its Newest Model. In case, if you have any query regarding to this article or features of this article feel free to ask in comment section.