Download AirDroid for PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Laptop

AirDroid for PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7: If you are searching for AirDroid then you can get this on this page. Here we are giving the information and Explain how to get this Sharing application. So here you can get the installation process for AirDroid on desktops and also we are providing a quick link in the below section. By reading this article every word to word you can get more information.

Download and Install AirDroid For PC (Windows 10/7/8/8.1) Laptop, This is one of the best remote management systems compared to other apps. The Desktop version of the AirDroid doesn’t completely substitute the web interface on a system, but AirDroid is having more powerful features, such as remote control in real time. This Sharing app is a good tool, especially if you have a plan to use this for productivity. Airdroid can help you to do more work without leaving your workplace from your systems.

Using the Airdroid tool is an easy and smooth experience, you can also access everything. The user has to remember that this is available for free but with limits. You can also access up to 200MB of files back up per month. So this is the best application to use in its freeware form for quick access to all the messages and notifications in this.

AirDroid for PC

You can view all your contacts and also edit them on the fly by using this.

This supports sending and receiving SMS to a single or as a group message. By using this, you can also transfer your files from mobile to the device. This supports Unlimited users than other apps. Also, it is one of the best remote management systems for mobiles. Now it is available for desktop also, and it has so many features also. The free account in this allows you to transfer the files across the devices, you can send and receive the messages on their sys, control their mobiles by fulfilling the basic needs of the users freely without any charges.

AirDroid offers different features and these are used in your daily life. Why we are suggesting this AirDroid because so many people are using this. This gives a larger screen and this is used to play your favorite games. The mirror phone notifications are allowed from any apps to the users’ desktops.

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Here we are providing the direct quick link for Best file transferring app AirDroid on systems. So you can follow the below section to get this AirDroid. The remote camera feature in this application allows you to view through the lens of both front and back cameras and to watch the surrounding environment which is around the device.

How to Download & Install AirDroid for PC?

By using this, you can transfer files across devices, control mobile sys remotely receives and reply to messages on your system. However, there are a lot of applications for Android which also works well on desktops. Below section, we are discussing the install process of AirDroid.

If you want to get this Sharing application you need an Android interface. You do not have any app player don’t worry we prefer Bluestacks. In the below, you can get the link for Bluestacks also.

  • To get AirDroid on the system, First, you need to get.EXE file to get Bluestacks on your systems.
  • If the file is downloaded then double click on that button, then it can complete the installation process.

Download Bluestacks

  • Then accept terms and conditions and then install it.
  • Then run Bluestacks, and then your Airdroid on your devices.
  • Now get this AirDroid Apk from the below link and start the installation process.

Download Apk

  • Select the folder where you want to install this.
  • The installation process of this takes less than a minute.
  • After completion of the install process, then launch the AirDroid.
  • Now create an account at the app’s website, just by clicking on the signup button.
  • You have to enter the valid email address and a unique password to create the account.


  • Comparing to other applications, this can support sending and receiving SMS to a single contact or a group of a message.
  • You can Sync file from smartphone to PC as well as device to smartphone.
  • This can notify a message to your devices, so you won’t miss any messages and events.
  • You can view, edit and transfer photos between the connected devices with this.
  • This can supports music management and also you can play them using your mobile.
  • You can set music as ringtone or else you can export them from other devices through this app.
  • The Air mirror feature is used to view and control your smartphone screen by using the screen of a system.
  • You can control the smartphone camera the same as you can access it physically and in real-time.
  • This is useful if you want to keep a temporary CCTV in another room.
  • You can also share URL and APK files from both connected devices in this.
  • This can also support a web interface if you are not installed a desktop client.
  • By using a web interface, this gives up to 30MB of a file that can be transferred.
  • Transfer your files From this.
  • This offers you to get mobile screen recording and sharing the screen in a secured manner.
  • By this, you can make and answer phone calls through devices. By just clicking a mouse the users can accept or reject the calls by the incoming calls review function feature in this.
  • you can also review the missed calls in this application.
  • From the backup feature available in this you can recover the videos and photos from their smartphone to the desktop.
  • The phone management feature in this application allows you to find their phone when it is lost they can also find the phone location.

Among all the apps, This is the best file transferring desktop. With this, you can share any files like images, songs, videos from one device to another device.


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Nowadays So many systems are come up with the latest Pro version. So this supports the latest Pro version also. The operating system is having the familiar name which is vista, AirDroid 2019 behind each common name which is an actual latest version number to your desktop.


I hope you enjoyed this article AirDroid and this is useful to you. Actually, you can have this AirDroid for free on Your desktop by using the above quick link. If you are interested to download and install apps on your computer visit this site right here Latest mod Apks.