Download Cam Scanner for PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1 Laptop (official)

Do you love to download Cam Scanner app to store your documents and searching for its link? We can say this is the best Website to know How to Download & Install Cam Scanner for PC easily. It is one of the important tools to store documents electronically and get them into an image form. And this application offers the users to have images of the documents in different formats. This is one of the sharing and document scannings apps which is preferred by most of the users because of its amazing features.

Cam Scanner For PC

Cam scanner for PC runs well on BlueStacks and enables CamScanner to be used on both Windows and Mac computers. The Scanning machines are really so expensive and these are not portable to carry about making a software scanner a good alternative. The perfect alternative scanning software used on Smartphone is CamScanner for PC. By this tool, users will get high-resolution scan along with picture detection and a good number of choices for editing it.

CamScanner for PC/windows became trusted software because of these features. Most of the users preferred to download Cam scanner on their computer to scan documents and keep information. The software used in this application gives excellent features like high-resolution scan, picture detection, and good editing.


Download Cam Scanner For PC

Cam scanner app is not compatible with PC. It helps the users to scan, store, sync and collaborate on various contents across mobile phones, iPods, tablets, and computers. Though there is a way around this limitation by using an android emulator. By using this app on their device the users can scan and access their Business cards, Tax roll, receipts, Contract, Invoice, bills etc.

When users have the number of documents, they can use Tags to categorize in order to easily find them,  and also users have OCR for search helps the users to find texts inside image and notes users have to just enter one keyword, to quickly find the document you want. No internet connection is mandatory for this app this works very well without internet on offline mode.

If the users want to protect confidential contents on Windows, they can set a password for viewing important documents, while sending documents to download link, users can also set a password to protect others from seeing it.

How to Download & Install Cam Scanner For PC?

  • To Download & Install Cam Scanner app without issues on your PC there are some minimal requirements.
  • First, you have to download an Android Emulator on PC. An Emulator is used to download Android apps on PC.
  • Before installing an Android interface on desktop Fist you have to check whether the Android environment is installed or not.
  • If it has already installed no need to install it again. If not then skip to the next step.

Download Cam Scanner app for PC using BlueStacks:

  •  Among all Emulators, We suggest you download BlueStacks. BlueStacks is one of the perfect emulators to run Android apps on your PC.
  • By using the below link install BlueStacks using the link given below.

Download Bluestacks

  • After downloading BlueStacks click on the install button.
  • open the app file on PC Windows.
  • By using BlueStacks download the Cam Scanner app for your PC using the below link.
  • Click on the below-given link to download Cam scanner app for PC/windows.

Download Cam Scanner for PC

  • After downloading the app click on the Install button.
  • After the completion of Downloading and installation process.
  • open the app file and run it on your Windows PC and enjoy the features.
  • Done!

Features of Cam Scanner For PC:

  • It enables the users to convert the scanned images into pdf files and convert batch images into a single pdf format.
  • In this application, there is also a share option on Windows for the users where the documents can be shared on social media, Emails and other storages.
  • This application employs its own image cropping and enhancing algorithm which leads to clear images.
  • This app is Free to download. By using this app all the documents are merged to one place.
  • For the users, this application is easy to use and very functional.
  • It doesn’t need a data pack or any Wi-fi network. It works on off-line mode.
  • This app contains five enhance modes which are very smart to enhance the documents of the users.
  • For the user’s availability this app scan photographs, receipts, invoices, notes, pictures, books, etc.
  • And it selects the file automatically.
  • This app for your PC Provides excellent experience with high-quality documents, texts, and graphics.
  • It has the option of automatic Auto-enhancing & smart cropping features adjust the brightness, contrast, and perspective of the image to provide more readability of text contents.
  • This application keeps the list organized which allows the user to search & find files easily by titles.
  • By using the OCR function users have an option to edit & extract texts from a magazine, book, newspaper, etc.
  • It enables the users to share easily your PDF or JPEG files to other devices.
  • To share your high-quality PDF files with customers friends or family members you can use Bluetooth, email, Dropbox or any social media account.
  • In this application, there is no option to type. OCR means an optical character recognition feature extracts the texts from images for further editing and sharing.
  • By using this application you can scan, save, archive and upload your files. In this app managing and searching is very difficult.
  • In this app, there is an auto-editing cropping feature by this feature you can capture document by mobile, remove the busy background, generate high-resolution JPEG or PDF files.
  • Using this app user can print wireless fax globally more than 30 countries and regions. This app supports wireless printing.
  • Through this app, the users can scan and manage whiteboard, blackboard, letter, script, memo, Note, Article, PPT, Books, Identity documents, certificates, credentials.
  • In this app, multi-pages are batch scanned.

Cam Scanner App for PC (Windows Version):

It is a tool which is used to store documents electronically. Nowadays most of the people are using window 10 version laptops and computers. So, Cam Scanner supports the Windows all versions.  Many Windows PC users loved to download Cam Scanner app. In the recent year, 2019 many laptops and computers come up with Windows 10 Pro versions. Many users are using Windows 10 version for their desktops and laptops.


In this article, we briefly explained about Cam Scanner for PC, How to download it easily and its features. We hope you loved this article. In order to feel the better experience of Cam Scanner features we suggest you download the updated version of Cam Scanner on your laptop easily after reading this article. Most users loved Cam scanner because it is used to scan documents and keep the information, this software gives excellent features like high-resolution scan, picture detection, and good editing. To download & install android apps on PC look at