Download Status Using GBWhatsapp

In GBWhatsapp you can easily download WhatsApp status, no need to download any third party apps. There is no need to ask any of your friends to share the exact image/videos to you. By download statusSaver app, you can easily get WhatsApp statuses without knowing of your friends to send their statuses to you. Download status using GBWhatsApp is same as like Facebook and Instagram story except that you can share multiple videos or images in this app.

Now a days, install GBWhatsapp apk is one of the best and frequent usage of this feature in whatsapp. In status you can also enter the text also to share your contacts. In this best feature, GBwhatsapp apk latest version,  people wanted to share their favorite images, gifs and videos with their friends in your whatsapp contact list. From this article, you will get to know that you can save whatsapp status to your local store on your device.

As a status people can share their status as photos and videos which will be displayed in the new tab status, and your status will expire after 24 hrs automatically on using gbwhatsapp apk on any phone. Adding your favorite one to your status is not enough, you can also view the status updates who are watching your status and at what time they watch your status from your contact list. For status there is no download option till now, but from below we have provided some tricks to save whatsapp status offline.

Steps to Download Status Using GBWhatsapp

Now a days GBWhatsApp apk latest version is one of the best and most used feature. By using normal whatsapp you just see others whatsapp status, but in GBWhatsapp download their contact whatsapp status like images, Gifs and videos.

Using this GBwhatsapp on your phone, you can save your friend’s statuses by default which are in your contact list and it is very simple to download the status of your friends images or videos. All you need to do is just simply click on the download option from the options menu which is at the right end. With just single click you can easily download the status of your friends in your contact list. From below you have to follow the below steps to download the status of your friends.

  • First you need to download gbwhatsapp apk on phone

Download GBWhatsapp

  • Then try to install Gbwhatsapp on your android phone
  • If you install apk correctly, you can open gbwhatsapp on android easily.
  • Then you have to download Status Saver from Play Store


  • Open the app and enter your details to verify and set up your WhatsApp account
  • Then Launch GBWhatspp can view any WhatsApp status from your contacts which includes images, videos and even texts.


  • Click on those status which you want to download
  • It will download into the supersaver app, from there you can view all your downloaded images and videos


  • Then you can save them in your gallery

How to Turn off Read Receipts:

Without notifying your whatsapp contacts you can view their status. But there is a condition that you can lose access to read receipt indicators on your whatsapp contacts. If you read messages from your whatsapp chats they also wont get notifications like blue ticks. If you turned off the read receipts until your status has expired, even if you view the status your whatsapp chats wont get notified.

  • Open the GBwhatsapp on yourphone
  • Then go to settings>>Account>>Privacy, now turn off read receipts
  • You can go to your contacts status and view the updates of your contact
  • After expired the status you can turn off the read receipts

View Status in offline mode:

Without notifying your Whatsapp contacts you can also see their Whatsapp status updates. If you are in off mode you can also view status of your friends and you can sync with the servers if you reconnect again. While viewing status you can be in offline, And your contacts will get notified when you are in online again.

You can view status in offline mode, when you are open WhatsApp web in incognito mode.

  1. You have to open WhatsApp web on your computer in incognito mode
  2. From the status screen, you can see the list of contacts which is in your contacts who shared status updates
  3. You need to disconnect your Wifi connection on your computer
  4. After disconnecting internet connection, open the status of your friend to view
  5. After seeing status from your whatsapp, now close the browser window or else delete it from the browser. If you are in incognito mode, the data will be deleted automatically if you close the window.
  6. Now connect the wifi from computer

It will work when you want to see text updates or else you can get an idea of photos, videos which are uploaded from the status. If you are in offline you are not able to download media files from the status.

When you download and install apk on android phone, you are now able to get pre-download media. From this you can view the fully downloaded version of your favorite photo in a status, even if you are in offline and open it for the first time on your android.


This includes many features of GBWhatsapp that are simple tricks in which the users can easily download to save the statuses like images and videos. While downloading there is no need to root your android device. To enjoy the upcoming features and benefits you need to GBWhatsapp apk latest on your device. If you have any queries regarding whatsapp status comment below.