Download Fitbit For PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1 Laptop(Official)

If you want to track your health data from your computer? Download this Fitbit app on your computer. Fitbit for PC is specially designed to work with Fitbit activity trackers on PC/laptop. You can download this Fitbit on any Windows version 10,7,8,8.1. Here our guide will help you how to download and install Fitbit for PC.

You can able to sync the Fitbit health Track data from your Android device to PC, Which ease to track the progress of Day to Day updates of fitness on PC. Update the data using a wired or wireless internet connection to Fitbit for PC. There are so many Application & games that available for Downloading it on PC, Beyond the Entertainment apps.

Download Fitbit very useful application to track your health progress on your PC. Opt to Download this application for the remainder, weight targets, yoga sessions, Diet chart etc., seamlessly within a Single Download of this Fitbit Application. Downloading Fitbit on the Microsoft Windows unleashed new challenges of ensuring the app with regular updated and keep its pace with it on Windows OS.

Fitbit for PC - Track Everyday Activities

Fitbit for PC – Track Everyday Activities

Download Fitbit For PC

Either way, Fitbit’s Download on Windows Phone must need a sign with the New improved Bluetooth support which attracts the Fitness Freaks to Download this App on Microsoft’s mobile platform & for Windows OS PC’s. Fitbit is All time best choice for using it as a fitness App on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Fitbit all0ws the user to download it on Windows PC and Android Phone, As this app, has a high-profile release which helps the Downloading app for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Windows Microsoft has largely struggled to launch this app to download it on any device.

Fitbit for PC is an Everyday health Tracker for an active life, It is the Best leading Health tracking App for PC & Android devices to track all-day activities & workouts. In the Post, We are going to discuss the Fitbit on PC along with the Important information of it. You can easily download the application with the given instructions in the Downloading section.

How to Download And Install Fitbit For PC?

Fitbit Everyday health Tracker on PC, Which acts as a Tracker for an active life, It is the world’s leading application for PC & Android devices for tracking all-day activities, sleep, food, workouts, sleep and more. To download this Fitbit you need an Android Emulator. We prefer the Bluestacks to download Fitbit on your PC.  In the below Section, you can able to Download  Fitbit on Windows PC without glitches.

Download Fitbit For PC using Bluestacks:

  • Already have an Emulator, please skip this link and go to next link.
  • Download and Launch the Bluestacks from the Below link.

Download Bluestacks For PC

  • Install and open the Downloaded Application.
  • Tap on the Search tab located on the Top.
  • Type Fitbit on your  PC and then Tap on the Search button alternatively Click the below link.

Download Fitbit for PC

  • Now Tap on Download button.
  • Download and install then Authorize to use Fitbit for PC.

Features of Fitbit for PC :

Fitbit on Windows 7 App is available to Download in the Windows Store, and without the need of Dongle, you can able to sync the data to the PC. As this App contains s the Historical data & Real-time Data with comparing graphics & progress tracks. You can able to Log 350,000 different foods to progress the count of your daily activity. The introduction of a Windows app Fitbit well supports with 100 mobile devices & 17 Windows devices.

Wireless Sync:

You can sync the Fitbit data by Downloading the App from your mobile to PC, It is easy to track the Day to Day updates your fitness on PC. You can able to sync the data using a wired connection or wirelessly and Manage Files and Data on PC using Mobogenie.

Track your Goals:

You can add a new goal on Fitbit and track the progress on your PC. Alternatively, you can also track your daily goals like reaching a particular distance, climbing, steps count and calories burned. By saving your progress regularly Fitbit may help to manage the health. If you are unable to access your PC then use AnyDesk for PC.

Log Day & Night Routines:

Download Fitbit on PC has a very purpose to be a part of the Daily routines by logging All-Day Activity within a single application, From the morning walks to Bedtime Hours you can track, record, log, and put goals on everything.

What’s New?

  • You can also use Windows GPS track to progress your runs, hikes & walks, for this you need an internet connection on both ends.
  • Download & Log activities like workouts & yoga and list them to keep track on Windows.
  • Also, log what you eat, drink and how much calories you are consuming each day and manage the weight.
  • Don’t be just logged the routines, challenge your friends and compare the results Through Windows.
  • Make an Exercise Calendar and look back what you did and note the result using the data.
  • You can also Track Exercise using the Fitbit by logging them in the applications on your PC.
  • Whenever you reached a goal of your targets you’ll receive badges as a reward just share them with the friends.

Fitbit App For PC(Windows Version):

If you are using Windows Phone, tablets or Windows PC then download this Fitbit on your devices. In fact, some users are experiencing Routine issues with Fitbit because there are only Some Windows versions supporting for Download Fitbit. Using Fitbit App for Windows 10 version, as it is Supported the user who is using the Windows 10 1511, We recommend getting the Windows 10 1703 to use Fitbit on your PC.

Fitbit is used to track your health from your Windows PC. Windows 10 Supported Native BTLE support for PC, laptops, and phones which comes with the Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 LE hardware. Windows 10 supports USB Dongle that available to Download for the computers, laptops & tablets. Fitbit also gives Support to Cradle Syncing & Setup/FWUP that only for the Blaze.


In this Post, We Discussed the features and Downloading process Fitbit on PC with step by step instructions. Share your opinion, what makes Fitbit for PC appeal so much as Health Tracker? We hope that our guide will help you to download this Fitbit for PC. To download apps on PC click on latest mod apks