Download Fouad Whatsapp v7.81 Apk [2019 Updated]

Fouad WhatsApp 2019:

Fouad WhatsApp is the latest version of ritualistic  Whatsapp. It is having a lot of features similar to Most Popular fouad Whatsapp mods ( GB WhatsApp, Whatsapp Plus, and Yo Whatsapp).  Today WhatsApp is having the huge strength of customers from plenty of countries all over the universe. Daily many of the pioneers working on this kind of mods and help us to enjoy the complete features which are not accessible in Official apk file. This is one of the best fouad WhatsApp mod compare to the remaining mods.

I will explain to you how Fouad WhatsApp downloading free.  You can download Fouad WhatsApp directly and install apk it into your Android  Phone. Fouad WhatsApp developed two versions. One of them is with emojis, and another one is without emojis. I suggest you install Fouad WhatsApp with emojis as it is modish today.

In these days, people expect more features in whatsapp where the official version can’t satisfy user needs, you need to download which is better one compared to whatsapp. Download link is available on our official site

Fouad WhatsApp for PC

 [Download Fouad WhatsApp v7.81 ]

In this article, We discussed Fouad WhatsApp download it and install apk in android mobile.many of the developers working in this improving so many features.we will provide all the developed versions to you and leave about that. In the Below Sections, We will explain to you how Fouad WhatsApp downloading free. Don’t get Fouad mod WhatsApp from google play store the Moded versions Does not available in google play store . However, you can get this v7.81 Apk directly Download and install it into your Android  Phone.

How to download the Fouad Whatsapp ?

  • Click the Below Button for  Download Fouad WhatsApp

Download Fouad WhatsApp 7.81 

  • Once see in the Notification bar whether Fouad WhatsApp is downloaded or not
  • Go to Settings
  • Enable Downloads from the Unknown Sources.
  • After downloading the file click on install
  • It will take few seconds to install
  • After installation click on the done button
  • click on open
  • Go to Settings and Explore the Features

Why you prefer Fouad Whatsapp than WhatsApp

Color change:

Fouad WhatsApp developed with so many features one of them is a color change. basically, Whatsapp has its theme contains green and white color panels but by download Fouad WhatsApp, we can change colors of text and themes. So Fouad Whatsapp appearance is good to compare to other. Themes store contain so many types of themes, download it from the store

Android  Emoji Pack

Fouad WhatsApp has lots of emojis likewise in this also so many groups of emojis are present in this we can send emojis collected from other to other in this have big emojis.  this emojis we will use in funny chat

More than One Account:

From Fouad WhatsApp, one device can support more than one account. in some cases, it is very useful to users maintaining two accounts. in other versions of WhatsApp, this facility is not provided. people who want to use more than one account they can choose Fouad WhatsApp without thinking because it providing security also we can provide a password for each content separately


Fouad WhatsApp , we will type up to 250 characters in a status bar and we will download status of your friend. we will see hide the last seen option also and here one more advantage is it shows about online and last seen in the screen

Hide the last seen option

In this one more feature is hiding the last seen option, if you don’t want to show about your are in online or offline you can hide the last seen option. It supports Video and Audio calls.

Hide Blue Tick:

You can hide the blue ticks which are the indication to the reading of the message But in some cases, we can use the hide blue tick when you see the message but busy to reply that you don’t respond.


In this Fouad WhatsApp, we can provide an individual password for each conversation separately. By this, we can improve security  from unauthorized accesses This facility not present in the previous versions

A limit is extended:

The latest version of Whatsapp size of the video file limit is extended.  we can send 1GB of a file in previous versions size of the file is maximum of 50 MB.this also one useful feature of Fouad WhatsApp

What’s new on Fouad WhatsApp Apk ?

  • One device will support the two different WhatsApp accounts but there is no special effort for this
  • In v7.81, there is no loading of preview images
  • We can send the video file, the capacity of the file is up to 1GB
  • In the status field, you can add up to 250 letters or characters
  • Lots of emojis also present in this version compare to other
  • There is a possibility of hiding certain notifications in version 7.81
  • Fouad WhatsApp removes the compression of photos so you can send original format of photos
  • In this, we can download anyone’s status
  • We can change colors of text and themes
  • Supports video and audio calling from version 7.70
  • you can send messages and download images to any other persons

Alternative App:

Alternatively, you can take GBwhatsapp apk which is familiar to this app. GBwhatsapp and Fouad WhatsApp are latest versions of WhatsApp but these are all contains some distinct features. these helpful to sending messages images and files these providing some extra features compared to the WhatsApp.

Whats New in Fouad Whatsapp 7.81 ?

The updated version of v7.81 was amazing one which was updated version of v7.70

  • Status increased in few minutes.
  • 2.18.361 Base WhatsApp Update as of Google Play Store.
  • Hike style hide chat option.
  • 4 new entry styles + new Facebook emojis.
  • Status video length increase: now 5-minutes instead of 45 seconds.

Whats New in Fouad Whatsapp 7.70 ?

Among whatsapp fouad mods v7.70 has played a important role, so that people were ready to install the app on your device.

  • Fix for crash while selecting 100 images at once from gallery to WhatsApp.
  • Lock wallpaper setting error is fixed now.
  • Fix for caller name not showing while using the white theme.
  • Overall performance improvements and other bug fixes.

More About Fouad WhatsApp :

Fouad WhatsApp developed two versions and can be download in the 2 versions 7.70 and 7.81  one of them is with emojis, and another one is without emojis. I suggest you install Fouad WhatsApp with emojis as it is modish today. It will help us to test and use the Best features and being a distinctive person in our friend’s groups. Many of the people don’t know how these type of mods works.


Fouad WhatsApp leading mod version of Whatsapp 2019. From the above article, you can download and install Fouad Whatsapp. there is no difficulty to a process of downloading on . It may update with some latest updates and features within some days. we are happy to suggest you download apps for your devices. For Doubts and clarifications on above article requesting you place a comment in below section.

Download Fouad Whatsapp v7.81 Apk [2019 Updated]
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