Download iMessage For PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1 Laptop(Official)

Are you looking for best iMessage for your PC app? If your answer is yes then you are on the correct website. Now we are explaining how to install iMessage for PC. This guide will help you to get a Hike on Windows 10,7,8,8.1. In the below section we are giving a quick link for the app on your PC/laptop.

Mostly iPhone users want to get this messaging App on their Personal Computer or workplace computers. Using this application you can enable to chat with friends and family across all types of devices & on Various Windows OS. This is comfortable for iPhone users, and the users can use ‘iFolks’ and have Apple computers. But not everybody is privileged, Some people are at home and some are at work and find it impossible to access their iMessage on PC/Windows.

Send texts, Photos, Gifs, Videos, and whatever the files you want, All you need to get this iMessage for your PC, It has built-in encrypted service that provides a way for the secure chatting using Windows, for this reason, it is approved for the primary instant messaging App for iOS devices. The encrypted messages turn in Blue text bubbles, as this application is the Best example for the next level messaging application with no security concerns.iMessage for PC

Download iMessage For PC

In this post, We are going to discuss the messaging app and with its features, get it using the quick link and follow the below process that given below on There is one thing to talk about the iMessage app for PC, it has the best GUI with all the fun and effects that you can not find any of the Messaging Apps, Screen effects, text effects with the illusion of graphics using your device, Another advantage of this App is you can able to send messages with data plan or without data plans.

How to Download & Install iMessage for PC?

It is an instant messaging application and other devices, This application was developed by Apple Inc. It was supported by Messages application in iOS 5. Officially it is used for only iOS users if you want to use this app you have to get Bluestacks on Windows PC.

Download iMessage for PC using Bluestacks in Windows:

  • First, get Bluestacks Emulator on your Windows PC.
  • If you already have an emulator please skip this link.

Download Bluestacks

  • Once you have got it. It takes a couple of minutes to install
  • Once it is done then you can run the Emulator.
  • Then the search box will appear.
  • Get the app and then set up the iMessage for PC.
  • Alternatively, you have to search the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on Google from the Chrome extension store or install it on both computers

Download iMessage for PC

  • Once you get to download the extension, now click on the ‘Launch App’ button available which is at the top right.
  • The users of iMac or MacBook they will also need an additional program known as ‘Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.’
  • Now just follow the instructions which are at the on-screen, you get in the process to get this on iMac or MacBook.
  • While installation you have to enter your Mac computer password during the installation
  • After completion of the installation process, launch the Chrome Remote Desktop on your iMac or MacBook.
  • Now you will receive a 12 digit code on the window or desktop, you just have to note it down and enter the same code on the Chrome, you can enable to have access your Mac computer remotely.
  • Now you can access the long-awaited Message, and start using iMessage on PC for sending, receiving, or seeing the previous messages.

Features of  iMessage for PC:


Initially, it came to the tech world on June 6, 2011, by Scott Forstall, the iChat app was formerly replaced by the messaging application for iPhone, and it was released on iPhone store on July 25, 2012. This is an Apple Push Notification Service its works on both proprietary, binary protocol.

No need of Third Part?

There is no need to use this on your PC. Both the sender and recipient need to install this Messaging application to send and receive the messages fully. You can still able to receive the Plain messages but you need the app to receive any images, videos even stickers. So Both ends need this for the Full usage. But note that Using this app there is no need to get any other third party app.

Send Unlimited texts & Documents:

It has a lot to boast an offer to you. So here are the most important features that you can enjoy while using this app service. By using this you can use to send unlimited texts, documents, voice mail or photos

Offline? Online?

If you are out of data but you can still send plain messages in this application. Yes, You can able to send messages even you are in offline but note that you can only able to send plain messages in offline, where you can enjoy all the Text & screen effects in Online.

Get an acknowledgment of Message Delivery:

With this messaging application, you can receive the delivery reports and other information to communicate in an easy and better for you. Even it is the Old model of receiving the delivery reports of messages but it is essential in some cases, it provides the delivery reports for every message, If you don’t need this option then you can easily deactivate it.

Decorate Messages:

In this application, you can able to Decorate Messages with special Effects which you want to send to your beloved ones. As this contains so many special effects which make the Chat fun and engaging with our buddies.

Group Chat:

Nowadays group chat is a common feature for any Instant messaging App, It provides the user to do Group chat, all you need to create a group or get added by the group to hang with all your buddies at once. Group chat is also a common thing for the official purpose.

Bubble effects:

Enable the Bubble effects to the text and send your beloved one with balloons in this app, the message will display when they pop the balloon, Funny right!

iMessage on PC to Message:

If you want to go from a regular message you can simply follow some process to get your regular messages to your new device. iPhone users always concern about the data that have on the app for the laptop to get back on their New Devices, You must click here for more support.

Few More:

It has an awesome interface which is having better graphics. React to your send and received images using emojis and smiles. You can interact with your friends and relatives using audio, video, and photos as well. You can send messages as fast as possible. You can have it easily For group chat, it is the best app for PC with a single click you can create a chat group of your friends, These features are available for free of cost, and type at faster speed with wider screen size.

What’s New?

Copy the text and add Echo effect and flood the screen of your recipient with the copied text. You can also able to set the spotlight for the incoming messages. Send the messages joying with the multi-color balloons that Fly and expands through the screen. Send a heart with the message, The heart will grew and grew and then pops up then display the message. And few more options like Confetti, Lasers, Fireworks, Shooting stars, Celebrations, etc.,

iMessage App for PC (Windows Version):

iMessage for PC, which is simple to use and can able to get for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen OS platforms. As it supports to Chat with your Friends Through Windows. Windows 7/8 Supports well for this messaging App where the users who updated Windows 10 from Windows 7 may find some issues in such case opt to uninstall & re-install the iMessage on PC Windows. By these, the issues will be clear to this on your Windows 10.


Now you are done with this app for PC / laptop by the above-mentioned process. All the above methods are easy to follow to iMessage for PC and will let you enjoy all the impressive and exclusive features that were just a dream for Windows users to use. So even if you are not an iOS user, using this emulator you can also use these app features. To download apps on Personal Computer click on latest mod apks