Download Ivms 4500 for PC / Windows 10/7/8/8.1

Are you searching for a link to download Ivms 4500 app? if your answer is yes then this is the best Website o know How to download & install Ivms 4500 along with the quick links. The iVMS-4500 for PC is mobile client software, which is designed for the smartphone on the basis of Windows Phone 8.0. Most users loved to download ivms 4500  because it can be used to remotely monitor the live video from embedded DVR, NVR, network camera, network speed dome and encoder via a wireless network, playback record files and realize PTZ control as well.

Regarding these points, we thought of writing an article about what is Ivms 4500, How to free download & install it in an easy way. Ivms 4500 for PC windows is one of the web application tools which is used for live video surveillance which allows you to control web cameras remotely. This powerful amazing tool is mainly designed for security purposes.

IVMS-4500 HD for Windows allows the users to see the surveillance footage as it is being shot by a video camera. This app on your computer allows the users to take control of the camera by using a wireless network. So, the users Android tablet must have a stable Wi-Fi connection in order to monitor live video by the users. If Wi-Fi is not available then the tablet must have a secure connection to a 3G or 4G service. The performance of this app on Windows will largely depend on the strength of the connection. Users will able to get the app working using both Wi-Fi and 3G and it works fine.

Download Ivms 4500 app for PC:

Ivms 4500 on Windows is a free mobile client which was developed by Hikvison HQ especially for Android smartphones and tablets which allows users to remotely watch the live video from embedded sources.


                       IVMS 4500 for PC

Using Ivms 4500 you can zoom in and out using pan-tilt-zoom control, and also you can control the sound of your alarm output and at the same time, you can edit your videos. Ivms for PC is ideal for start-ups such as grocery stores to monitor their shoppers or small office settings which need monitoring and also for domestic use such as keeping security at the gate, fence and overall home monitoring.

By using remote playback, iVMS-4500 HD is capable of recording the surveillance videos as well on PC. You have the option to choose to record the live footage and have it sent over the wireless network directly to your Android tablet. These videos get stored on your Android device. Multiple speed settings are available in Ivms 4500 for Windows to view the remote playback which is also a great new addition made to this app.

How to Download & Install Ivms 4500 app for PC?

To download & install Ivms 4500 on your PC easily you have to know there are some minimal requirements. TO download Ivms 4500 app first you have to download an Android Emulator. Android Emulator is used to run Android apps on PC. Among all Emulators We suggest you to install Bluestacks.

Download Ivms 4500 app for PC using BlueStacks:

  • BlueStacks is one of the perfect emulators to run Android apps on your Windows.
  • Tap on the below-given link to install BlueStacks.

Download Bluestacks 

  • After downloading BlueStacks on your Windows click on the install button.
  • Open the apk file and run it.
  • For downloading Ivms 4500 app BlueStacks is necessary.
  • Tap on the below given quick link to download Ivms 4500 on PC.

Download Ivms 4500 for PC

  • After downloading Ivms 4500 app on Windows using BlueStacks click on the Install button.
  • After completing the download & installation process open the apk file and run it on your laptop.
  • Now enjoy the features on your PC.
  • Done!

Features of Ivms 4500 app for PC:

  • This app for Windows PC supports digital zoom, adding a commonly used camera(s) to the favorites, local recording during live view and remote playback mode and management for captured pictures and clipped video, alarm notification, and information management and picture and video management.
  • In this app, users have the option to add up to 256 devices.
  • Many new languages are added languages including, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish in Ivms 4500 app for windows PC.
  • This app for PC contains features of CCTV, DVD and NVR monitoring.
  • For the user’s availability, this offers the users for video editing on Windows.
  • Many users prefer to use IVMS 4500 because this safely stores videos and photographs.
  • This app for PC is having Pan-Tilt-Zoom control and alarm output control.
  • Ivms 4500 app for PC is a smart and intuitive user-interface.
  • This app allows you the chance to monitor the live video in HD.
  • This app has a remote playback option for users availability.
  • For the users, there are multiple speed settings for remote playback
  • Ivms 4500 for PC has PTZ control and Alarm control
  • Livestream of CCTV or security cameras and also users can record them using Ivms 4500. The users have the option to free to watch the live viewing from anywhere and if the recording is enabled on your laptop, then watch the past videos anytime. The recordings are sorted by date and time.

Ivms 4500 app for PC (Windows Version):

Ivms 4500 app supports Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1. In the recent year 2019 most of the computers using Windows 10 pro version. so Ivms 4500 app for PC also works in Windows 10 pro version. Most users are very excited to download Ivms 4500 for PC because this app supports PTZ controls. It means the users can Pan, tilt and zoom their cameras in real-time.

Resolutions supported on iVMS-4500 app are  480*800, 480*854, 960*540, 1280*720, 800*1280 and 1920*1080.

We suggest the users to download the updated version of Ivms 2500 app after reading the total guide given by us.


This is the total article about Ivms 4500 app. In this article, we briefly explained what is Ivms 4500, How to download & install it easily and its features. We hope you loved this article. Most users prefer to download Ivms 4500 on Windows because it can stores your video files safely. In order to enjoy the better features of Ivms4500 app, we suggest the users download the updated version of Ivms 45000. To download & install android apps on PC look at