Download Miracast For PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1 Laptop (Official)

Miracast is a standard wireless connection technology. It will allow mirror your device screen such as Windows PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet to display like a monitor or TV without using the USB cable. You can simply consider it as HDMI over WiFi. Since it allows content to be cast from one device to another display. The app and content are streamed directly from your device. This app for PC will offer a great way to stream high-resolution videos and images to your television. When you are using this it needs three supports such as wireless chipset support, operating system support or driver support.

Miracast For PC

Miracast is introduced in 2012 by the WiFi Alliance. It is a standard for wireless connections from device to display. It will employ the peer to peer WiFi direct standard. This peer to peer nature of the Miracast connections means mirroring can be done securely without an internet connection. If your device does not have Microcast support then the Microcast display adoptor can solve your problem. This adaptor plugs into the one of the HDMI port on your TV and makes it possible for your PC to communicate with display wirelessly. But before that, check your HDMI works properly. Day by day the wireless streaming has increased, because of that most of the streaming devices are coming in the market with the support for Miracast. In the business, The Miracast should make video conferencing, group product design and slide show easier on PC. It will support Blu-ray feature films, live television shows, and other protected premium content.

Download Miracast For PC

Now Miracast for PC becomes a very popular way of projecting the content from computer to HDTVs and other projector display. It is a certification standard run by the WiFi Alliance that allows mirroring of the content wirelessly from compatible large screen devices. It will be first offered on PC Windows 8.1. It will allow sharing of 1080P HD videos and the 5.1 surround sound so you will get the theater-like experience. This application for pc will also secure the connection with WPA2 encryption. So that the protected content like Netflix video can feely flow throw from it. When you are using any of the wireless display then you have both source and receiver in your device. If your windows pc display already has Miracast support then you are ready to use your devices as a mirror. While using this the connection setup are very easy and the Miracast device chooses appropriate setting automatically. Its certification is available from the smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV, set-top box, automobile infotainment display. To ensure the device is certified it will review the list of products available on the WiFi alliance product finder.

How to Download And Install Miracast For PC Laptop

To download any app for PC you need an Android app player to run this app. If you don’t have an android emulator on your PC then read the following downloading process and install Bluestacks app player on PC and Windows.

Download Miracast for PC using Bluestacks App Player :

  • First, you need to download the Bluestacks app player, click on the below link button.
  • If you already have android Bluestacks app player, please skip this link and go to the next link.

Download Bluestacks App Player

  • Go to the Bluestacks android emulator homepage, you can click the Download button. So you can simply click the Download.exe file for PC.
  • Once the file is downloaded, double click on the Run button.
  • After successful installation of Bluestacks, sign in using the Gmail account or Facebook.
  • Now search for the app on the homepage of Bluestacks and download it.
  • If you face any issue about this app then download application file from below link.

Download Miracast For PC

  • Once the download process is completed click on the install button to install it. Double click on it and drag it into the app player.
  • After that, you can get the app icon on your app player homepage. Click on that icon to launch it.
  • After launching this follow the screen instruction.
  • Start the app and enjoy the features for pc.

Features Of Miracast For PC:

  • It supports a wide range of audio and video formats to extend the battery life in device.
  • It streams HD and 4K Ultra HD movies from tablet to an HD TV or projector.
  • It shows pictures from the computer, smartphone or tablet to a large screen projector.
  • It shares a laptop or desktop screen with a conference room projector in real-time.
  • Projects content fron mobile device to automobile infotainment system.
  • It will quickly connect to the internet and also work without an internet connection.
  • It will support Blu-ray feature films, live television shows premium content.
  • It will employ the peer to peer WiFi direct standard.
  • It is a killer feature to have around your smartphone.
  • It will be mirroring your device securely or without/with WiFi connections.
  • It will allow sharing of 1080P HD videos and the 5.1 surround sound.
  • It eliminates cable for shared content on a WiFi device.
  • Connection through underlying Wi-Fi CERTIFIED technologies and Wi-Fi Direct enable connectivity
    across devices even where there is no Wi-Fi network.
  • Traffic management and quality of the mechanisms avoid congestion from networks which is near.
  • Improve the review understanding by organizing dormancy sensitive video traffic.

Miracast For PC (Windows 10 Laptop)

Miracast authorized today’s modern device to easily connect wirelessly to displays and projectors. Its gadgets arrange settings for every association, which improves the procedure for the clients. It will support Windows 10/7/8/8.1. It will allow you to wirelessly shared multimedia and video content between WiFi devices even if the network is not available. It will also support BlackBerry OS from version 10.2.1 onwards. 


Miracast on your PC change your device screen into a mirror. This application for pc will work great if your software and hardware are on the same page. It will allow you to watch whatever to want any time anywhere. So download this app for your PC and say goodbye to a repellent video presentation or meeting delay at work. I hope our article will help you to download Miracast For PC. To download android apps on PC get more info from latest mod apks.