Download OGWhatsApp Apk v6.85 For Android [ 2019 Updated ]

OGWhatsapp is the Latest Alternative Apk of Whatsapp for Your Android Device. Have you Ever wanted two Whatsapp on your Same Android Device? Possibly we Though that its Impossible But With the help OGWhatsapp You can easily Use the Whatsapp & OGWhatsapp on the Same Device. The Latest Version of this Apk is Updated with a lot of Exclusive Features. Being a Modified Version You can not Find this Apk on Play Store and Available on the official Websites, but in this Post We providing OGWhatsapp along with the Assured Download link.


Download OGWhatsapp

Download OGWhatsapp Latest Version (2018 Updated)

There are so many Cloned versions in Whatsapp Every Apk Comes with the Unique Features Check for the Other Modified Apps on .We are glad to Share all the Necessary information about OGWhatsapp. In this Post, We Disclosed the Important features of OGWhatsapp and How to Download it on your Android.

Download OGWhatsapp


People often use Both Whatsapp and OGWhatsapp together as it is not Necessary to Uninstall the Whatsapp To use this Apk. So You can able to use Both Numbers it means Two WhatsApp on the Same Mobile Phone. OGWhatsapp Very safe to Download and Easy to Use. basically every user Concerns for the Security in the Personal Messaging Apps Where this Apk is the One End Solution With Security and Privacy Norms. And further Futures and Downloading Process Are Clearly Described in the Below Sections.

How to Download OGWhatsapp Apk :

  • Start Download OGWhatsapp by Clicking the Below Link.

Download OGWhatsapp

  • Once you Completed the Download on your mobile phone. Now we Will Discuss how to install a OGWhatsApp for your Android.
  • Before To install backup all the Chat data On your Gmail Account and Safeguard the Chat data.
  • And its  Up to you to Uninstall the Whatsapp or Use the Whatsapp & OGwhatsapp within the same Phone,
  • If you to keep the Basic Version then the data of the Whatsapp Cannot be Transferred to the OGWhatsapp.
  • Once you decided Open the Downloaded Version and then Click on ” Install Button”
  • Once you Installed OGWhatsApp open and then click on Agree and Continue.
OGWhatsApp Installation

OGWhatsApp Installation

  • Now you use the Standard Number or the Second Number of your Phone and Wait for the Verification Code.
  • Once you Go the verification Code the Mobile Will Automatically it and OGwhatsapp Asks for the Profile Name.
  • Now Restore your Chat data on OGWhatsapp


Restore Your Chat Data On OGWhatsapp

Restore Your Chat Data On OGWhatsapp

  • Add the Profile name and then Begin.


OGWhatsapp Settings

OGWhatsapp Settings

  • Now Test all the Features that we mentioned in the above Section and Enjoy the App.

Why Should You Prefer OGWhatsapp to Whatsapp!

Even though there are so many modded apps for the Whatsapp Only a few of them fulfill the need of the Users with its special features. However, OGWhatsapp provides comfort to the user with the Needed Features. OGWhatsApp has Updated with a lot of privacy features which can not available in the Original Version.

Use Both Apps:

Some of the users may concern about the data of Whatsapp may be lost due to Uninstalling the original app, if you are one of them, then there is no need to worry, as there is no need to uninstall the Original application. You can able to use both OGWhatsapp  & Whatsapp on a Single Device. However, some devices won’t support in such cases it’s up to you to remain any of them.

Hide Online Status:

After the work, everyone wishes to relax and like to talk with the best buddies, However, you will be fed up with the unwanted Messages from others. With a single click, you can easily hide online status and shows you are in offline modes to others.

Blue Ticks:

Every one Knows two Blue Ticks are considered as Read the Message but in this Apk You can able to Hide the Blue Ticks for any contact and to Any Group. Instead of Blue ticks, you can set it to a single tick.Also hide the MSG read Confirmation ticks i.e., Second Ticks for any contacts and group.

Hide Recording Status:

Like magic send a Voice message without getting notified by the recipient. Whenever you recording a Voice message WhatsApp notifies the recipient about the current progress. But in this Apk, you can able to Hide Blue Microphone for any Contact.

Hide Status Views:

It is annoying when someone puts Status indirectly mentioned to you, Usually when you see the others Status the person can able to see that You viewed their Status But in OGWhatsapp hide your name even you viewed the Status.

Send Images without losing Quality:

While sending the images in Whatsapp everyone concern about the quality, as it is known that the images lose quality while sending images. But OGWhatsapp best to clip images and Videos with the Best Quality & can able to Send them in High-Speed Than the basic version.


It is clear that OGWhatsapp easy to use, like the Whatsapp it has the best user interface and enhanced with the Exclusive features than even. For the regular users can easily use this App.

Share any files Up to 50 MB:

Share Any kind of files & Documents like Audio, video, E-books up to 50 MB size of Limit without any intention. As this app provides the users to send any kind of files like images, gifs, videos, links, documents and many more.

Lengthy status:

Sometimes we fell like why the Status is limited to few words, Just break it with OGWhatsapp, Yes! you can able to write lengthy status which was a lack in the basic version.

What’s New?

In the updated version OGWhatsapp you can able to use Multi video call feature and enable Group video call in Groups, as it is not new for the WhatsApp but this feature was recently released for the OGWhatsapp with the great quality of video calling. This app also comes with a lot of privacy feature for the users. Customize you chat with the New themes, As it very simple select the desired theme that you need and use it. Just set a password for chats and groups and Secure your personal chats on OGWhatsapp.

Alternative Apps:

On the off chance, you can have many modded apps of Whatsapp, it is one of them alternatively you can choose Gbwhatsapp, Yo Whatsapp, Whatsapp plus, These apks are similar in the usage but unique in providing some special features.


Some users are stated that the app is not working on their Devices. Opt to Download OGWhatsapp within this Post, The major Percentage of the websites are Fake which provides the Crashed and Bugged OGWhatsapp Apk Files.  But we Hope you got the Latest version of OGWhatsapp on your Android By following the Above Steps with the Download link and if you have any Issues on this Article please Comment in the below Section.

Download OGWhatsApp Apk v6.85 For Android [ 2019 Updated ]
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