Download OkCredit App For PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1 Laptop(Official)

OkCredit For PC is one of the applications used for online khata books to keep customer due balances after sales on credit. This app is very easy to track the application and account balances for general store shop owners and also sends a balance alert to trusted customers. The owners and merchants of groceries store who are dealing in the sale categories can use this OkCredit App For PC. This is mostly useful for users who are doing business by maintaining the khata books.

This application helps you to track credit balances and transaction history. This application is to record credit/debit payment for their trusted customers.OkCredit For PC is a very simple business accounting software application for the owners of nano, micro, small and medium business. The owners and merchants can also supply the goods to other foreign countries It mainly includes groceries store.

And also there is no fear of losing records, all your credit balance and transaction history will be kept a backup. Giving customers phone number it can be recovered by sending a balance alert. The lenders can also send pending dues reminders to the other party. This app is having a five-star average user aggregate rating point. more than one lakh user has this app.

Advantages  Of  OkCredit For PC

  • Fast: View any customer dues in one click.
  • Reminder: Send payment reminder on Whatsapp at any time.
  • Automatic: All transactions are added automatically.
  • Mobile: Add credit/payment anytime, anywhere.
  • Backup: Automatic online and Pdf backup.
  • Free: No monthly charges.
  • 100%safe: online and local backup ensures 100% record safety.
  •  customers must have proof to get free SMS update for all transactions.

Benefits of  OkCredit For PC

  • It helps you known you’re the business performance with the most loyal customers from whom you are extending credit facility on your mobile at any time.
  • Customers will be happy with the new automatic balance alert experience and can pay online after a reminder on  Whatsapp/SMS.
  • As the customers start paying back Your credit collection becomes a faster time and helps you grow your business.

OkCredit For PC

By having this application user can see their total credit in the market. And also they can track the account statement for post transactions. It is designed for the Android platform, but you can also access this app for some other platforms like tablets, Ios and Mac Operating System.

This application is your online khata book which simplifies your credit account for shop owners and their customers. Individuals of different microfinance sectors lend money to friends and may use this app as their digital ledger, to record their transactions and ease their account maintenance burden.

 OkCredit For PC

Download OkCredit For PC

This application is mostly designed for smartphones, like Tablets, Samsung. But this application version is not yet available for PC windows. With the help of android emulators, we can have this app.  This Android emulator software allows you to execute the android applications suuccesfully. The Bluestacks emulator is one of the good feature android emulators for PC windows. Now lets us get into the process to get the Bluestacks emulator. This app is a mobile-based solution. It enables the recording of credit payment transactions across all the countries.

How to Download And Install Okcredit For PC

Now in this article, I am going to have the Bluestacks App player. The following steps are given below to get the Bluestacks emulator on your Windows or Mac operating system.

Download the OkCredit For PC Using Bluestacks App Player

  • First, install the android app player, click on the below-given link to get the Bluestacks emulator.
  • If you already have Bluestacks app player on your device,then have the app directly.
  •  Now Click on the given below link to get the Bluestacksapp player.

Download Bluestacks For PC

  • Now click on the Bluestacks app player emulator file and open it.
  • Once the installation is finished. Click on the button.
  • After the file is completed the emulator open the Bluestacks app player and search for the app on the search bar.
  • Now click on the given below link to get the OkCredit For PC  for your PC.

Download OkCredit For PC

  • After completion, click on the link button to start the process.
  • Once the process is completed you will be able to access all of its services inside the emulator.

How to Delete your OKCredit For PC

Right-click on the name of the OkCredit For PC  card account in the “Chart of Accounts”window and select “Delete Account”confirm the deleting option by click Ok.

Features of OkCredit For PC

  • Your customers get transaction updates via SMS.
  • no need to be afraid of losing records data is automatically backup.
  • simple to use a business accounting software application.
  •  with some users you can share your business cards.
  • SMS communication between both parties is very useful.
  • Okcredit For PC reminds your customers automatically.
  • accessing this application can check their balance and transaction history. without being able to edit the same.
  • You can also share your business app with users and collectively manage transactions.

Some  Use Case Scenarios of OkCredit For PC:

  1. Mobile shops/Recharge shops.
  2.  You can also have a business doing sales on credit.
  3. Bakery, snacks and juice shops.
  4. Kirana shop/grocery store/general store/provision store.
  5. medical store/local pharmacy.
  6. paan shops.
  7. Personal credit Bookkeeping.

OKCredit For PC (Windows 10 Laptop)

This application supports all Windows versions and it works well for both the  32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems. It is compatible with all Windows PC operating systems includes windows 10/7/8/8.1 version and XP and Mac. Nowadays many are having windows 10 pro version to their computers and Laptops. This OKCredit For PC also supports windows 10 pro version.


The OkCredit For PC has got enormous popularity with its simple yet effective interface. It greatly simplifies the collaboration of larger teams on shared business apps. We listed you how to get this application by having the emulators that are popular to use apps on windows or mac.

It is very appropriate as every user has their personal log in detail.  To know more about this type of the PC applications click on the given link provided here