Download PubG Mobile Apk + Data OBB v0.12.0 For Android

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Game is the Most played online multiplayer battle royale game, On record, the game is the most played game 2018-2019. Battle Royale games are widely popular throughout the World but this is a standalone game with Millions of gameplayer. The game specialty is at a Time one hundred players can able to play together Online. This game is created with High-end Graphics with HD Audio, Every gamer will experience the realistic gameplay effects in this game. Unreal Engine 4 nailed it in creating the Game with rich visual experience & effects.

PubG is the game that was released on 17th March 2017 but still, the game is the Top best online multiplayer game which made the people lose their minds with its addictiveness. It is a Battle Royal game, even it having the same Multiplayer Gameplay concept but people got badly addicted it to the peaks.

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Download PubG Mobile Apk for Android

Download PubG Mobile Apk

Download Pubg Mobile OBB File

How To Download & Install Apk

Features of PubG Mobile Apk:

As said, specific Android 5.1.1  having 2 GB RAM is must download the game. Once you started gaming within a little time the gamer will addict to it and always ready to play it. The game is very trendy, and the gameplay is already viral on all Social media networks. Gaming techies say that is the Best addictive game of all the Battle Royale games in the gaming field. As the weapon system is versatile and unique one.


As said the weapon system in this game was designed with few guns like AKM, DP-28, M762 with 7.62 mm bullets, guns like QBZ,M416,M16A4, ScarL with 5.56 mm . There are also snipper guns like M24, VSS, QBU, AWM and some other guns. You get some best premium guns in crates like M249,M24, Groza,AUG.



The game player can Bag up the weapons he needs and to Travel in Style, In the gaming field, the gamer can find various vehicles including motorcycles, cars, boats, etc., to kill the enemies. The gamer must hunt down all the enemies as well make a swift escape. In the game download, the Weapons looks so Realistic. Plenty of weapons are available to select the enemies in the gameplay. Pretty well a pan can save you from the enemies in the game, Yup! there’s a Pan too. The gamer can find realistic ballistics, guns, bombs, and many more arsenals while playing the game.

Stunning visual effects:

The jaw-dropping visual effects can experience the gamer with rich the immersive realistic gameplay effects with massive HD map for the Battle Royale game. The gameplayer can easily understand the game within in the First trail, continuous playing with make gamers to Feel like you are seriously in the Middle of thick of the action.Once you entered into the location the gameplayer usually need to get a warplane, Select the Gaming zone in the map to land.

Team-up to bang:

100 players have parachuted into the game location, once the gamer landed on the location the hunt will start with no time to think, all the gamers were scavenged for weapons and collecting the needed weapons to kill enemies. Gamer must be quick & avoiding killing Team members. It is all about surviving, just kill to survive until the Gaming time ends, while playing notice the safe area & game’s map will decrease in size over time to directing all the surviving gamers into areas and to force killers. If you play along and you are the last gamer of all then you are the Winner as well any gaming team with high kills will win the round.

Gaming evolution:

This is not Just a Game its a trend in the Gaming evolution. Even there are a lot of Battle Royale from Bluehole but PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game is turned out of all the best. The Gameplay will engage the gamers to the core, its a struggle for survival among 100 Gamers in the unknown ground. Being a Multiplayer gameplay online the survivor or the gamer can Team Up with Friends and can battle and Survival game battle along with the other gamers. Just Invite the other gamers and then team up to the Gaming, make a coordinate to make perfect battle Strategy through the voice chat and guide the co-gamers to the perfect ambush.

Use the Medkit:

In the gameplay, the gamer can able to send gifts to the friends. You can also invite your friends to join the team, be mind the zone, best to be in a building while you are in the Red zone, it is better to run out of the red zone before it gets bombed. The gamers must be inside the blue zone else they will die. If you still want to survival game outside of the Blue Zone then use a Gas Mask. The gamer needs more medical equipment to survive outside of the Blue Zone. The battle area is gradually decreased and the border can be identified only by the Blue zone.

Device Compatability:

To get the Game you must Require a Break-free internet connection and High-end specification Android device. The Device must be Android 5.1.1 or above and having 2 GB RAM, Gamers are Recommended to use High-end spec Android device for playing the most out of mobile Game. The gameplayer who want to downloading the game must meet the requirement to install the basic & current version of the Game. The Multiplayer gameplay supported for 500+ Android devices, Windows. Android devices like GALAXY NOTE5, GALA45XY S8, HUAWEI HONOR8 have also supported to download this Game on Device.

Regardless of age, everyone loves this game, it has the Gaming fans throughout the world. This game is being downloaded Millions of times and still, the new gamers are joining every day. For some reasons, it is banned to play the game in some countries but if you desired so hard to own this gameplay in your Mobile device then got through the link to download.

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How to Download and Install PubG Mobile Apk

By following the below process you can easily download your favorite game. Here we provide the download link of PubG and the download process is easy and you can download the latest version of this game.

  • First, you have to download pubg on your android

Download PubG Mobile Apk

  • If the above download link is not working then you can try the below-mentioned link

Download Apk

  • Now you can start the downloading process of this game


  • At the installation page of the game, you can able to see the completion of the download process of the game


  • Start the installation process just by clicking the Install button


  • After clicking on the install button, it can take time to complete the installation process on your android device
  • Now installation is done, you can enjoy unlimited gaming on your device.

Game Play Screenshots







The game is already popular now, every week there will be a new update. PubG is very hard to master this Multiplayer gameplay, team play will ease the strikes from the enemies. The team is limited for four players, the gamers are able to voice chat with the Co-players in the game. The gamer should aware of using the things, use the med kit when the virtual gamer got a  Kit. Use bandages for little damage, a painkiller for the medium damage and the Energy drink for the High damage. The energy drink will revive the gamer health with 75& to 95% and mostly used when gamer hurt so bad. Keep moving in the battlefield as it shrinks gradually in the gameplay, which increases the pressure on the gamers into the grip