Download PubG Mobile Lite Apk + Data OBB v0.12.0 For Android

Do you love to play this Game in your Mobile device, then wait not to get this game now from here, The Most awaited Mobile version of Battle Grounds Multiplayer Gameplay is now here! Even the game is the lighter version but never resolved the gameplay experience with the Low-end devices and gained few more fans around the world. The game lite version is specially created for the Gamers who wanted the Multiplayer Gameplay on their Low-end devices. Even though some features are limited in the game but the traditional gameplay is the same. In this version, Only 40 gamers per Map is allowed to play in the smaller map, resulting in the survival game will be absolutely fast-paced and more thrilling.

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No wait, Just get the game to your android mobile and begin the gameplay, at the beginning be one in the 40 players and fight to be the Last one to the end to win the game. All the gamers are parachuted to the desires map Once you land on the War field at first scavenge for weapons, supplies, and vehicle, The gaming will never fall bored kill all the enemies and the last gamer standing. The game is powered by with Unreal Engine 4, This is the beta version of the game and is compatible with various Android devices.

Download PubG Mobile Lite Apk on Android

Download Pubg Mobile Lite Apk

Download Pubg Mobile Lite OBB File

Features of the PubG Mobile Lite Apk:

At present, the current version of the game is in beta and the frequent updates will change the future gameplay experience to the end version. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is nowhere for the mobile the Gaming experience will be the same as the PC version, In the updated version of the game, the game player can easily pass into the Building with the Automatic door-opening, in the gaming the one who loves to land in the Dino Park, Goroka in Vivendi, Coal Mines can now able to explore more buildings in Multiplayer Gameplay. If you are one of gamer in top ten lists of Crew then grab new outfit from the Store in the survival game. Invite the co-gamer to the war along with sharing the gameplay map.  once you win go to the Rewards to choose the Best outfit for the best gaming Experience.

  • The Multiplayer game is created with High-quality Graphics along with immense HD Audio by the Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine 4 games created with a jaw-dropping visual gaming experience that the gamer will feel the gameplay like real,
  • This survival game must have an own gaming strategy to kill all the enemies, Mind the play zones in the Gamefield while battling, the play zone usually sinks to horde all the gamers. The game is all about the surviving game, loot, killing enemies and doing everything it takes to be the last player because this is Battle Royale Gameplaying!
  • Gamers are usually buying some weapons in routine, those gamers can be notified when those weapons, arsenals or weapons when these items are on sale.
  • When a gamer hit the Zombie they will slow down the movements which are easier to kill it by the weapons in this Multiplayer Gameplay.
  • Play in a Stylish manner, show up you look to select the outfit, crosshair colors, etc., to the Virtual character in Game. Use the Companion System that which the enemies can see you & no exposure risk while games.
  • Just play in a Stylish way, select the Virtual character and suit up then Pick the favorite weapon to start the game. The gamers will be amazed at the realistic ballistics in the gameplay.
  • Also, use the Stun Grenades to stun zombies, by firing the Liquid Nitrogen Grenades the enemies will be frozen and little time will take to move. Every update will increase some effects in the latest update of the Gameplay is added with the Zombie dogs & jumping zombies.
  • Some zombies can also able to climb the low walls, gamers can able to kill them instantly with the Flamethrowers with doing more damage in Gameplaying.

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How to Download and Install PUBG Mobile Lite Apk

Here we should know about the requirements to download and follow our download process. We shall give you the direct download link of the latest version of this game.

  • Firstly you need to start downloading of PubG mobile lite apk

Download PubG Mobile Lite Apk

  • Not able to download from above link try alternative link given below


  • Click OK for initiating the download process of apk


  • The gamer will see the installation page of the game when the download process is completed


  • Click on install for completing the installation process on your android device


  • Wait for the installation process to complete it may take some time after you click install anyway on your android screen
  • Now you are all set, enjoy unlimited gaming on your device.

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Gameplay Screenshots






How to Play PubG Game Like a Pro

A massive HD map is made with High-quality effects which are perfect to play the game of Battle Royale. Within a week of owning this survival game on their mobile phones, the gamers will definitely addicted to the gameplay. Each update is spicing the fan following of this game throughout the world, It is already known Battle Royale games will definite in rich gaming content but of all games, this Multiplayer game grabbed the whole fame in the Gaming history along with the Controversies. This is Fair Gaming Environment with Multiplayer gaming mode, It is up to you to play the game as solo or team.

You can even fight the enemies with the Pan, funny right but there’s a signature pan in the game to kill the enemies. Invite your friends and Team Up bang the enemies, guide them to the victory through the Voice chats which are the best to prepare perfect gaming strategy and finish all the enemies with the surprise.
The Gameplay large has a variety of gaming modes which takes the game to another mode. The gameplay is updated with new modes & few more will be added in the future updates, To get this Multiplayer game on your Mobile the gamer must need a stable internet connection to the Mobile. iPhone 6s or above are the minimum requirements to get it.

Even this is a Beta version for the Android devices this Gameplaying is compatible with many of the Low-end devices. Immerse your self in the Striking and realistic visuals, the most notable feature of this game is Voice chat to coordinate with their Co-players to Play the game in the gaming Strategy. Even this is a Beta version for the Android devices it is compatible with many of the Low-end devices. Immerse your self in the Striking and realistic visuals, the most notable feature of this game is Voice chat to coordinate with their Co-players to Play the Multiplayer game in the gaming Strategy.


Most of the Weapons are so Realistic, throwables can be used when there are More enemies in a single place. Looting is very fun to the game player as well as useful to Gameplaying. When a gamer landed in a place first search the buildings to loot the weapons, Money etc., bag up everything you find on the way to kill gamers, Immerse yourself in the Battle Roayle war with the Best gaming Experience ever.