Download QR Code Scanner for PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1 Laptop(Official)

If you want to access some files using a QR Code Scanner for your PC. In this article, we are providing information about how to download and install a QR code Scanner for PC. It is used to read your QR codes and display the information about that. This app is now available on Windows version also.

This app is used to scan the QR Codes or Bar Codes. After scanning the bar codes you can get the information about the products or websites. To scan a bar code or Qr code is very easy you just open the app and point at the camera at the code and you are done. This QR Code Scanning app will automatically recognize any code.

QR code Scanner For PC

QR code Scanner For PC

Download QR Code Scanner for PC

By using this QR Code Scanner you can scan any products and know about the cost of the product. For suppose, If you are using a modern web browser and you have a webcam, this site allows you to scan QR Codes with your web browser. So you can easily get the information on the PC.

In this article, We disclosed the important details of QR Code Scanner for PC along with its features for the Windows. In the below sections you will find the Downloading link along with the downloading process to download the application for your PC.

How to Download & Install QR Code Scanner for PC:

To download QR Code Scanner for PC you need an Android emulator to download & to run the app without any glitches. Without the help of Andriod emulator, you can not make the downloading process. We recommend using Bluestacks app for the instance, as this app works well and safe to download. In the below please find the link for the app as well as for the Bluestacks download on PC Windows.

Download QR Code Scanner for PC using BlueStacks:

  • An Android emulator is essential to download the desired app on your PC.
  • You can easily install Bluestacks using the below button for Windows 7.

Download Bluestacks

  • Once you’ve got the Bluestacks file downloaded just double-tap on to start the installation on Windows.
  • Once the installation is done, Now open the Bluestacks android emulator.
  • Set it aside on Windows, Click on the link below to Download QR Code Scanner on PC

Download QR Code Scanner for PC

  • Once downloaded app file, find it in Bluestacks.
  • Then click to open it.
  • Now Install QR Code Scanner for PC through Bluestacks.
  • Open and use the Tools on your PC.

Features of QR Code Scanner For PC:

QR Codes is a called as Quick Response Codes which are encoded the information with a Code, These QR codes are more popular and widely used in today’s generation and simplify with a Modern touch for our every day lives. The Code usually looks in black color in a square format that is well composed with the square dots.

A QR code Scanner for Instant money transferring:

Use this QR Code Scanner in various platforms like instant money transferring on google pay, Phone pay. In some cases, it is used to connecting with the machines to take control of it. Also, you can see these QR code Scanners, bar codes on Websites, Boxes, ID cards, Business cards and on many more.

Transforming QR codes into text, videos:

By scanning QR Codes with this app you will get info by transforming into text, videos, images, files, websites etc. If you want to scan these codes you must have a scanner, It is such an app that lets you scan anything, anywhere.

You can go to the top of the menu of the QR Code Scanner and then click on the generate mode then enter the text code you want to encode into QR Code, in the next step just click on the create option to generate the QR Code Scanner.

Read the codes:

Anyone can easily interact with this app and it is easy to use the QR Code Scanner to read the QR Codes and to create the information. It also has the ability to download the saved QR Codes and history as well. With a few easy steps, the user can create QR Codes for their personal or commercial purpose.

Create QR codes:

Although the It is working well in Windows OS. But it has Limited formats that available for code generating. It always requires a webcam to decode the QR Code and also dependent on the third-party application for some special cases.

Easy to download and free to use:

Users are allowed to create and read QR codes using the Webcam instantly with this application. The App download is easy and free to use and it does not require any additional accessing to use it on your Windows PC.

A QR Code Scanner uses the Webcam of your Windows PC to scan the QR Codes and read the data, it can also be used in the various platforms.

What’s More in the QR Code scanner for PC:

  • With this scanner app, you can access any info by scanning the QR codes & bar codes at any time.
  • The main feature of the app is it reads the QR Code reader and then generate the info on Windows.
  • It also used to generate own QR Codes for commercial or personal use, just scan any code on a thing or a scan to decode the info.
  • You can also able to decode any QR code decode from any image, It also used to retrieve the data from a file or clipboard by decoding the QR code.
  • Always use a webcam to scan a code also opt to save the information you gathered by scanning the QR codes, bar codes.
  • If you Wondering to scan or decode a QR Code? then you can download QR Code scanner on PC without any intention.
  • Just like you use it on a mobile device you can use the same app in PC too.
  • If you don’t have a mobile device at the time of scanning then you can opt to use this app on PC, one single download is enough to work with all the codes.

QR Code Scanner App For PC(Windows Version):

There are no issues of using this popular app for all Windows NT latest versions. This is an amazing app which is compatible with all Windows OS and Android devices. QR Code Scanner is used to scan the QR Codes or Bar Codes and get the information.

Initially, there are no frills to download QR Code Scanner, As it works very well with Windows all versions such as Windows 10/7/8/8.1 32bit or 64  bit of operating system.


By using this app you can get all the information about the products or websites with simply scanning the QR Codes. The objective of the post is to provide the information of QR Code Scanner for PC, we provided all the necessary information to download the app on a computer along with the downloading link. To download android apps for PC get more info latest mod apks