How to Remove Forward Label From Your GBWhatsapp Message

GBWhatsApp introduces a new feature which is label ‘Forwarded’ to all the forwarded messages. In other words, receiving messages which you aren’t hand typed by the senders. That forwarded label appears at the top of the message. Hence, use the updated version of WhatsApp, if you have forward a message to any contact or group, the receiver(s) will know that the message was sent to you by someone else.

Now we’ll let you download and use this GBWhatsapp apk in your Android stated that the instant messaging app for android will be taking up a new measure to restrict the number of people to whom a message could be forwarded to your contacts. It allows you to forward the messages at a time was upto 20. So that you can easily forward a message/image/video to the maximum of 20 chats. However, there will be people who would want to enjoy unrestricted Whatsapp functionality hence from below I will be showing you how to overcome Whatsapp Forwarding Restriction.

Basically if you forward someones messages, those messages will be labelled as forwarded messages. You can see this label from both sides that is from the senders side and from the receivers side. If you want to see that forwarded label on your device, you need to select the messages where you got it from the others end, then select that message and forward that message to the other one which is in your whatsapp chat. You can see the label at right on top of the forwarded message. There you wont be able to disable the label from the messages that you forward to your contacts.

Process to Remove Forward Label from your GBWhatsapp

Here is a trick to remove label from your gbwhatsapp apk latest version. You can also act like you’re the original poster of any message. Follow these steps to use the trick. The new forwarded label is only available to the users who have download and uase GBWhatsApp Apk on their device.

  • First Install GBwhatsapp on your android device from here :

GBWhatsapp Apk Download

  • Open gbwhatsapp latest version and select the message which you want to share.


  • While using the forward button, you can select the share button.


  • Now you wont get ‘Forwarded’ label on top of the message which you have shared for your contacts, so they thought you’ve technically forwarded it.

How To Avoid Whatsapp Forwarding Restriction

However, about the GBWhatsapp developers restrict the forwarding option, but the users can overcome and use this whatsapp restriction from their android device. From this article you can download the unofficial whatsapp app that provides all the features which are restricted. After downloading this app you can use the forward messaging feature from your device.

One of the measures mentioned from the whatsapp is restriction which is imposed on the number of chats to send messages can be forwarded to another one. Another measure by install GBWhatsapp apk is the removal of “quick forward” button next to media messages for whatsapp users. Whatsapp will also be labeling forwarded messages to inform the receiver that the message received is indeed a forwarded message in any android phone.

GBWhatsApp recently updated and introduced several new features for groups, which includes the ability for group admins to be the only members of a group chat to broadcast messages to the rest of the group. It also includes group descriptions so that group admins can “set the purpose, guidelines, or topics” for a group, the whatsapp group admins can only able to remove admin permissions for group participants, a “group catch up” feature, and a new “participant search” feature. This forwarded message feature will also help users determine if their friend or relative wrote the message they sent or if it originally came from someone else.


In this article, we provide the trick to remove forward messages on gbwhatsapp. You can not use this simple trick for messages, if you want to forward message just copy the cntent and paste it for which you want to send it. Using this trick you can forward only one message at a time. If you have any query regarding this article comment in the comment section below.