Download Rescue Lens For PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1 Laptop (Official)

Rescue Lens for PC that brings the capability of live interaction video support. And also it came with the new feature of video-assisted for technical support that aims to provide the remote service to the users. This app uses the system camera and gives permission to the assistant look and needful to the corresponding issue or problem. Basically, this app can be used for any undertaking providing assistance or technical assistance such as internet service providers, manufacturers, cable TV companies and vendors, etc.

Mainly, Rescue Lens for PC is desired to rapidly diagnose and sort out the issues or difficulties without depending on inefficient written or verbal descriptions of what’s happening on. Rescue Lens for PC also provides real-time associated videos that give to know the clear view of the problem at your hand and gives the potential to help the user to solve that problem.

Rescue Lens for PC

The main agenda of this application is to provide technical assistance in remote areas, where the user could not find any help from other persons. By using the team support of phone service, the company can guide or gives directions when remote users are configuring, while troubleshooting in a more natural and instinctive, after the support agents looked at the situation completely and clearly.

For using Rescue Lens for PC, all you need to do is enter the menu PIN code that is offered by the attendant or assistant. After that, you have to confirm your remote access and position of the camera unit to show our issue to the technician. This application will works on our computers via any android emulator. And this app is a new iOS and Android app that works by using LogMeIn Rescue.

Rescue Lens for PC

                                                                                       Rescue Lens for PC

Download Rescue Lens for PC

This app is a LogMeIn’s video that helps to enable technical assistance with integrated VoIP. With this lens, users can use their smart mobile to stream with totally secure, live video directly back to service representatives. The technical support team can able to look at your problem with their eyes, and authorizing them to remotely end-users via problem resolution, product setup, troubleshooting, and claim reporting and many more.

SO, problems may occur at any time and this may be painful for everyone. But don’t panic, here is a solution that gets Rescue Lens for PC now and it will look at your problem quickly and resolve the issue. in remote areas, if you are not able to clear your problem means, then this app will give you the technical team for the support to get overcome that problem. For example, sometimes if your printer doesn’t work because of a loose connection or some other issue, the technician will help you to find out the problem by using this application.

How to Download And Install Rescue Lens for PC

It is simply a new video-aided technical support capability aimed to meet the requirements of the connected customer, this application allows aspiring to faraway that supports virtually on any product that activates the customers to use their personal computer or mobile cameras to capture live video to aspire.

As I said earlier in my earlier posts, we can not get any apps or games directly on our computers. To get any app on our PCs, we have to get any android emulator first. There are various android emulators are available on the internet, among those I recommend you to choose Bluestacks app player. Because this Bluestacks app player is free of cost and user-friendly. Also, quick updates are provided with added new properties.

Download Rescue Lens for PC  using Bluestacks App Player :

  • To get an application for your computer, you need to get an android app player on your computer. For that purpose, click the below link to get the Bluestacks emulator.
  • If you already having a Blueskacks app player on your computer then you can skip this step and you can directly get the app.

Download Bluestacks App Player

  • After that, go to the homepage of the Bluestacks android emulator, and you have to click the .exe file for PC.
  • Once the file is completed, then double click on the Run button. Make sure you are connecting a strong internet connection while installing the Bluestacks android app player on your PC.
  • After successfully getting of Bluestacks, open the app and agree with the terms and Conditions after that sign in using the Gmail account details.
  • After that, open Bluestacks and search for Rescue Lens for PC on the search bar.
  • Or else, you can get the apk file from clicking the below link.

Download Resue Lens For PC

  • Once the process is completed, then click on the run button to run it.
  • After completion of that, you can get Rescue Lens for PC on your app player homepage. Once sign it with a google account or Facebook details to get the start.
  • Click on that icon to launch it. After launching this follow the screen instruction. And you can start using the application.

Features Of Rescue Lens for PC:

Before getting the app on our computers, let us discuss some of the important characteristics of this application. They are given in the below list as follows.

  • By Rescue Lens for PC, users can resolve any problems or issues.
  • It also decreases session time.
  • This application also helps to avoid costly desk-side visits and cause disruptive walk-ins.
  • This app also used to reduce costly truck-rolls and high expensive returns.
  • Rescue Lens for PC increases end-user satisfaction.
  • This app is having a smart whiteboard to interpret on any screen on devices such as a computer or mobile phones. And this annotation will stay even if your device moving also.
  • Irresponsible to the strength of Internet connection, this app has the facility to provide a high-quality video view to the end-user.
  • And finally, Rescue Lens for PC is able to focus the camera on exactly what the end-user requires to get help from the technical team.
  • This app also offers end-users to the sense of control and also with high-quality visibility for the technical support process using of active role via virtual walkouts.

Rescue Lens for PC (Windows 10 Laptop)

This application is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/mac operating systems for downloading 32 bit and 64-bit computers. This application is one of the essential apps that you need to have on your device. Because it will give you technical assistance in remote areas where you couldn’t find any technicians.


I hope you have successfully got this application on your PCs by reading this article. This Rescue Lens for PC offers you the live interaction with technicians when you get trouble. So that you can easily get rid of those and also saves you valuable time. Through this app, the technical team can easily identify the error and get noticed to you to fix that issue in an easy way. To know more apps on PC laptops continue reading on latestmodapks. Have a good day!!!