Send Messages, Images, Rum, Gold in a Bottle – Bottled

There have been numerous applications that are made for web-based dating, making new companions or simply getting dates. In any case, there is another progressive and exceptionally special method for making new companions and talking, that is made conceivable by the container application. You will get a nitty gritty audit of the application, how it works and how interesting it is.

The most effective method to make companions, The application’s idea is whereby you are in a separated island, in solitude with nobody to converse with and what lies in front of you is the immense ocean and you have no clue who is out there. So obviously, you compose a message in a jug, and toss it out, in the ocean haphazardly and trust that someone will discover. Well that is the fundamental idea driving message in a container. The join procedure is very simple and all you require is a username, email and secret key and you are enrolled. Presently once you sign in, you will require bottles which you will drop in the ocean.


                                        Send Messages in Bottle – Bottled

The ocean is simply the application and you drop a jug to the world. At that point somebody irregular who is likewise utilizing the application can discover your jug, from anyplace on the planet. When they get the opportunity to keep your jug, you would now be able to talk with them and make companions. When they dismiss your jug, it returns to the ocean and another person will discover it and they will choose of to keep it or reject it. Fundamentally keeping the container is tolerating you as a companion.

Gameplay and Strategy:

You can able to send Messages, images to your Freinds using the Bootled Game,  Send a photograph message or an instant message to somebody some place on the planet. Chat with individuals from all around the globe whom you have fascinated with your Bottled message Keep your most loved Bottled messages and talk messages inside your own money box,  Follow the adventure of your Bottles progressively

The equivalent additionally applies to you. On the application’s interface, there is where you will sit tight for irregular jug messages from anyplace on the planet and you will choose if to keep it or reject it. Answer tests from the Cheeky Captain to test your insight into the world. Regardless of whether you are searching for a companion, a friend through correspondence, or just a scholarly association, let good fortune choose your possibility experiences with Bottled!

Send Rum to your Co-Player :

You may be distant from everyone else on the island. Be that as it may, put your message inside the vacant jug of rum to discover another client.

Octopus :

Why not pass your message to the well disposed Octopus? He will convey your jug to 8 clients.


Guide your container the correct way you need it. Pick the nation you need to get it.

Gold Coins

Win rewards for communicating with the clients all around the world! You will need to utilize these gold coins to help your future jugs.

Visit with Others

Each jug you convey will be perused by another person, energizing eh? Regardless of where you are somebody will dependably need to address you!

Answer to the Pirates:

Blow your whistle and motivate the Captain to test your insight with an arbitrary inquiry. You will need to inspire this privilege so as to get the gold.

What’s New?

  • Assets required to make companions
  • Meet new companions, learn new dialects and find new societies.
  • Attempt the cutting edge variant of communicating something specific in a Bottle – another approach to meet individuals!
  • Packaged enables you to make an impression on anybody, anyplace on the planet.
  • Be that as it may, your messages will be gotten by one of a kind individual (or eight in the event that you have the assistance of the Octopus)!
  • Contingent upon the substance of your Bottled message, the beneficiaries can choose whether or not to keep it.
  • On the off chance that your Bottled message is kept, you will have the capacity to talk with one another.
  • On the off chance that your Bottled message gets discharged, your jug will drift again into the ocean to be gotten by another arbitrary outsider!


The assets in this application that you use are fun and bold and you feel as though you were out in the genuine ocean as a mariner or privateer, making new companions. There is the rum which after use, you can utilize the jug to communicate something specific out in the ocean, a whistle, compass to focus on the following nation your jug will arrive, a parrot to target who gets your container next, a telescope to see the profile of the jug’s proprietor that you discover, chest for fortunes, camera and unique composition materials to compose letters and send in the ocean.