How to Set Auto Reply Feature in GBWhatsapp

GBWhatsApp has released a feature, which is used to set an auto reply to messages. In this article, we will show you how to set an auto reply in GBWhatsApp. The Auto Reply feature on GBWhatsApp Apk can set you predefined replies to the sender messages, you can recieve when you are offline. The main part of this feature is that you can set auto reply for either contacts or groups or both. Here are the steps for how to set auto reply features in GBWhatsapp. By using this apk on device, you can easily set auto reply to messages. So in this article we will help you on how to set an auto reply in GBWhatsapp apk Latest version.

By using this feature you need to set predefined replies to the messages, the sender receives when you are offline also. For this you need to select start time and end time for auto reply messages. If you are busy in meetings or any training while in the specific hours, you need to set an auto reply in all situations when you are not able to send messages directly. You can also add another auto reply custom messages, even when you are going to sleep.

This feature is mostly helpful for the whatsapp broadcast subscribers. If any of your friends or unknown persons send you a “SUBSCRIBE ME” or “ADD ME” to your number then you will give an auto reply which is ‘Thank you for joining the broadcast’. The main advantage of using this feature is to set you a auto reply to your contacts or groups in your whatsapp app. It can auto reply to all the contacts which are in your contact list, it can sent an exact word or a phrase which contains the specific word. This feature is also having the option, where you can set a delay in seconds by sending the auto reply message.

Steps to Set Auto reply Features in GBWhatsapp on Android

  • First download and install GBWhatsapp on android from here GBwhatsapp Download
  • Open and use gbwhatsapp latest version apk, there you have menu at the settings. Click on GB Settings button.
  • Click on “Auto Reply Message” in the menu list and enable it by tapping on it.


  • Click on the Red key on the top right hand corner until it move to the green color.


  • Select “contains” for selecting the keywords which will send automatically reply.


  • If you select  “equals” it will automated reply to be sent only after matching exactly to the contacts
  • If you select “all” to send automated messages to all of your contacts.
  • If you select delay it will send automated reply
  • Select your preferred starting time and end time of this function of your profile.
  • Then Click on Add button.

As shown from the above screenshots you need to set any keyword to sent an auto reply message. If you select ALL, then if you received any message it will send an auto reply to all of them. If you select EQUAL, then it will also send an auto reply message for those who are equal to the define word. If you select the CONTAINS option, then automatically it will sent any message which contains the defined word.

On the next field Features of GBWhatsapp Apk In Latest Version has ‘Auto Reply Message’, you can set any type of message that you want to be auto replied. There is an delay message which specifies the delay in seconds then the sender will receive the auto reply message. If you are not able to send auto reply message in groups, then you need to set receiver as contact. There is an option called groups, where you can send an auto reply message in groups. Both option is used to set an auto reply for both.

Requirements to Best / Top Features of GBWhatsapp APK

Before going to activate autoreply feature, you need to check the below mentioned requirements. From below we are providing the list of all requirements which you need to start the process. Lets check the requirements for starting the auto reply message.

  • An android device with os 4.0 or higher to install GBwhatsapp apk on android.
  • GBWhatsapp apk latest version on android phone
  • You need to require internet connection.

From the above we have provided guide to download and use GBWhatsapp on android. If you don’t have install gbwhatsapp apk,just follow the about process, where  you can Install and use on your Android Device, and Enjoy Below available features


By reading this article you can Auto Reply Feature in GBWhatsapp to send automatic reply to your selected contacts. GB WhatsApp is user-friendly for android devices. This is the most customisable app so it can be used with the original WhatsApp without any issues and it can be also used to handle two accounts in a single device. GB WhatsApp is one of the most popular to install apk on android that is the latest version with a certain update or the other.

This is the way you can set Auto Reply Feature in GBWhatsapp app to send automatically reply to everyone. This feature is very useful when you are in busy, and depends on your needs. This app is one of the most user friendly available, it is one of the most customizable app, it can be used with original whatsapp without getting any issues and it can handle 2 accounts at a time from single device. Which you can Install and use GBwhatsapp on your phone, and Enjoy Below available features is one of the most famous, it will always upgrade with the latest update.