How to Set Themes on GBWhatsapp

In this article, we will discuss about how to apply themes in GBWhatsApp apk. GBWhatsApp is one of the most important WhatsApp mod, where you can easily use on your Android device. In this app you have more customized themes for the gbwhatsapp app with attractive color schemes that will attracts everyone quite easily. Also, here we have game themes, if you are a game lover and some beautiful themes for you. So, the fact of the matter is that there is a lot to offer for you in GBWhatsapp themes.

Almost all android users wish to use the modified apps on their devices. This Gbwhatsapp is one of the best modified app for android devices. GBWhatsapp provides the users that to use many extra privacy and security features along with the customization features which are in-built in the app, without using those features also you can install third party apps on your device.

In this article, we have provided the process of changing themes on GBwhatsapp without using the third party apps on your device. Changing theme is one of the best feature which is available in this GBWhatsapp app due to the modifications are done by the official whatsapp messenger fo your devices. By using these changing themes features, it can provide a new look to the GBWhatsapp.

Process to Set Themes on GBwhatsapp

If you are looking to change your whatsapp theme, then you can follow the below tutorial. Here is the process on how to apply new themes on your android phone using GBWhatsapp. You have to new themes of GBWhatsApp can be downloaded from below and apply on your Phone. To get new look on your GBWhatsApp Apk for android now from below.

To change the themes on your android device, you need to follow the below steps. Changing themes on your phone will give you a new and fresh look to your gbwhatsapp app. There is no need to install any third party apps to change the themes on your app, by using custom privacy setting you can change your themes on gbwhatsapp on your android device.

  • First you have to download GBWhatsApp on your device

Download GBWhatsapp

  • After completion of the download process Install GBWhatsapp for android device
  • Then open the GBwhatsapp app from your phone, press menu button and tap on GB Settings.


  • From there you have to Download themes option


  • Select one of your favourite themes from the list, click on APPLY Button.


  • Select any of your favorite theme from the list, then you can apply it in your GB WhatsApp for android.
  • If you have selected the theme from the download theme link, it will ask you to restart the GB WhatsApp to apply it in yoiur app.
  • After restarting the GBWhatsapp app, then you will see the selected theme which are applied to your GBWhatsapp apk.
  • You can also change the theme if you dont like the selected them, or if you feel bore to use one theme on your GBWhatsapp. You can either change the theme or get back to the default theme on your GBWhatsapp.
  • Then go to the app settings on the GB WhatsApp and locate the download theme option.
  • Then applied theme, Now restart GBWhatsApp. Click on OK button to enjoy features.
  • Now you get the new themes on your phone.

Delete Themes on GBWhatsapp

Deleting the theme in your device is easy and simple. Just follow the below three steps to delete themes on GBWhatsapp.

  • Open the menu option and go to the GB settings button.
  • Now, go to “More” option.
clear themes

clear themes

  • Press the clear button and that’s it.

How to Recover Default Theme on GBWhatsapp

Some themes can change based on their style and design of this application. The android developers of the GBWhatsapp app are facing some issues to manage and change the themes on GBWhatsapp. So that they introduced to use the default theme on your device. Following below are the steps to recover default themes easily on your GBWhatsapp.

Here are the step by step process to recover the themes on your device:

  • First Open the GB settings option at the right corner of the app
  • Then you need to click on the more option button
  • Now it automatically open the new window, there you can see the clear option, tap the clear button
  • Then it will ask you to restart the app now
  • Finally, tap on the OK button and then change your themes default


You can easily download GBWhatsapp app and set customizable themes in it and also clear the theme by using this article. You can change the themes, you can also recover the default themes on your GBWhatsapp easily. From this article we have provided the complete guide  on how to change the theme of the GB WhatsApp on your devices.

By sharing this article regarding the customization of the GBWhatsapp for any android device with the other users of this app, so that they can also get to know about this amazing features like changing the themes on their GBWhatsapp. If you want to know more details about GBwhatsapp features or if you have any problem while downloading this GBWhatsapp then comment in the below comment section.