Download ShareX for PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1 Laptop (Official)

Are you searching for a link to download ShareX on your computer? If your answer is yes then we can say this is the best Website to know How to Download & Install easily. It is a free application which lets users to capture or record any area of users screen and can share to anyone with a single click. Also, it allows users to upload images, text or other types of files to over 50 supported destinations users choose according to their wish on windows.

ShareX for PC

It is one of the best application which is an open source image capture and manipulation, lightweight and feature rich. Most users prefer to get this sharing application because it is a great, lightweight tool that does the job properly with numerous configurable options.

ShareX for PC

Download ShareX for PC

This sharing application lets the users capture the screens/app windows in a number of different shapes with short-cut keys. The app is used internally for  Greenshot image editor so as to annotate the images taken by the users.

ShareX app for PC lets the user’s to crop or blur/obfuscate the images, but the really cool feature is the ability to upload automatic images to users favorite image hosts such as Imgur, Flickr, Picassa, Tinypic or Imageshack. In ShareX app on your Windows, almost all the aspects of this app are configurable. Users can choose short-cut keys to take screenshots automatically of the total screen or part of the screen.

After completing your work, ShareX will let you upload instantly your screenshots to more than 50 different supported image hostings services, like Imgur and Flickr, or to cloud storage accounts in Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. It also supports URL shorteners for quick link sharing.

Apart from screenshot tools, the Share app on your Windows also including a variety of graphic design tools like a ruler and a color picker and even comes with a DNS changer, a QR code generator, etc.

In addition to its advanced features, The sharing application uses a low amount of system resources and has a minimum impact on users computer performance. ShareX app on windows/pc will take you a while to discover all its capabilities, in the end, you will be pleased to have on your Windows and app which can perform almost any operation when it comes to taking screenshots and uncovering their full potential.

How to download & Install ShareX For PC?

  • To Download & Install ShareX app on your laptop First you need to download an Android Emulator on your computer. An app player is used to download Android apps on your PC. Among all Emulators, We suggest you download BlueStacks Emulator.
  • To Download ShareX app on your computer and enjoy its features first you have to check whether the Android emulator is available on your desktop or not.
  • If there is no Android Environment on your computer first download it.
  • Among all Emulators, BlueStacks is one of the perfect emulators to download Android apps on your PC.

Download ShareX for PC using BlueStacks:

  • Download BlueStacks using the link given below.

Download Bluestacks for PC

  • After Downloading BlueStacks click on install button.
  • After the completion of Download & installation open the apk file.
  • Download ShareX app for Windows using BlueStacks by the link given below.

Download ShareX  for PC

  • After downloading, the ShareX app on your PC, click on the install button.
  • Now open the apk file and observe how it is running on your desktop and enjoy the features.
  • Done!

Features of ShareX app for PC:

  • It is a free, open source, lightweight and also free from adds.
  • This sharing application is an advanced screenshot capture, screen recorder, reliable file sharing, and productivity tool on Windows.
  • It contains various methods of capturing screenshots including full screen, window, monitor, region, freehand, scrolling, and more.
  • This application is customizable after capture tasks such as annotating, adding effects, watermarking, uploading, printing and other actions on Windows.
  • Users can upload any files on their laptop using configurable hotkeys, clipboard upload, drag & drop or from the Windows Explorer context menu.
  • It supports over 50 different image, text, and file hosting services such as Imgur, FTP, Dropbox, Pastebin, etc. Also supports many URL shortening and sharing services.
  • This app for PC contains tools like a screen color picker, an image editor, a ruler, a DNS changer, a QR code generator, a directory indexer and more.
  • For the sake of users, it offers an unlimited customizable workflow with hotkey specific settings.
  • It has an advanced screenshot tool and screen recorder.
  • Users can upload files via Windows Explorer context menu or drag & drop. users can also upload clipboard content.
  • It is customizable after-capture-tasks such as annotating, adding effects, watermarking, uploading and other actions.
  • In this sharing application, users can upload to 30+ different hosting services such as Imgur, FTP, Dropbox, Mega, and Pastebin. It has multiple workflows with hotkey specific settings.
  • These apps are not only used to transfer the data but also used to see the backup data.

ShareX App For PC (Windows Version):

The ShareX app for PC works very well with any operating system and was compatible for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1. Windows 10.In the recent year 2019 most of the computers using Windows 10 pro version. ShareX  2019 for in your PC is recommended to download the updated version for your Windows. Windows 7 is compatible with ShareX 2019 bay PC, this multimedia manager is supported very well to get Download on all Windows 32-bit 64 bits PC Windows.

Download this ShareX app easily & install it on your PC Windows 8 & Windows 10 without any glitches. You can Download ShareX app on your Windows PC for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 as well for the Windows 10. Hence we suggest you Download this sharing application easily after reading this article so as to enjoy features on your PC.


This is the total article about ShareX app for PC/windows, How to download it along with the quick links and its features. We hope you loved this guide. ShareX app is easy to operate and you can upload any files using configurable hotkeys, clipboard upload, drag & drop or from the Windows Explorer context menu. In order to enjoy the better features of ShareX, we suggest you Download the updated version of ShareX after reading this article. To download & install android apps on PC look at


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