Download SideSync for PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1

Do you love SideSync for PC and if you are searching for a link to Download SideSync app on your PC. You can conveniently share the screen and data between your PC only if you Download & Install SideSync app for PC. In this article, we clearly explained about Remote desktop application of SideSync which supported operating systems like Windows 10/7/8/8.1. To Download the SideSync app easily on your computer and install the windows client. Now you come here to download the most used SideSync for PC which enables the screens, windows, and data to be shared.

SideSync is one of the licensed freeware for PC and laptop. SideSync is loved by most of the users why because it is a replica of their phones screen along with the various features for the user on their PC. By downloading SideSync for PC  you can get instant notifications on your PC. Most of the users prefer to download the SideSync for PC because of its file transferring feature, users can share data from the Samsung mobile to PC and vice-versa, playing games, exchange data, Texting, calling everything is accessible more fluidly.

Download SideSync app for PC:

Samsung’s SideSync software, which allows Galaxy phone users to mirror their screens on a PC and backup phone data,

The SideSync provides a way to the user to access their Mobile phones on PC. You can also able to access the phone data over the PC. while using the SideSync if you got any call or a Message to your Mobile you will get an instant notification on your Mobile without any late. SideSync is free to download and very reliable which gives the user convenience to the next level.

SideSync for PC

SideSync for PC

How to Download & Install the SideSync for PC?

You must check out the requirements to download the app in the PC for SideSync. On your Windows, you must have the downloaded SideSync for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 OS. Samsung’s SideSync software, which allows Galaxy phone users to mirror their screens on a PC and backup phone data via your computer. You need to download the Samsung Sidesync application for PC and install it.

Download SideSync for PC using BlueStacks:

  • To download the SideSync for PC you must have an Emulator for this, we are providing the Bluestacks, which is an excellent application for PC to download, Install & to run any Android Apps & games without any issues.
  • In the below, we provided the link for the BlueStacks.Exe file to Download it.

Download BlueStacks

  • When the Bluestacks is get downloaded now open the file & click on the install button and then run it on the PC, make a shortcut for the app on the desktop to locate it more easily for the further use.
  • Once you got the file now it is all set to download SideSync for PC.
  • click on the below link to download SideSync on your PC.

Download SideSync for PC

  • Once downloaded, open the Bluestacks and then search for the SideSync then click on the install button.
  • Finish the Installation process and then launch the app on your PC.
  • Done!

Features of SideSync for PC:

If your computer and Samsung device are connected with SideSync, you can check your alarms for receiving phone calls or exchanging text messages.

SideSync enables the users to make phone calls, answer phone calls, send text messages from a computer when your Samsung device is connected with side sync.

SideSync is a licensed freeware for Andriod devices, PC, laptop and was compatible with Windows 32 bit & Windows 64 bit OS without any restrictions. you can find the app in the Microsoft store, in tools category and was available for all the Windows 7 and above Windows OS users. By using this app the users can check the alarms they had for receiving the phone calls directly. This app offers the users to share the files and texts between users PC and smartphones.

USB or Wireless connections:

It is easy to connect the device to the PC, Just use a USB and connect both ends of PC & Mobile device and make a connection, you can make a direct connection by using the Bluetooth, Hotspot etc., On the off chance if you don’t have a USB at the time, then establish wireless connections by enabling the Hotspot on your mobile and enable the Wi-fi in your PC and then connect them. In this app, the users have to connect their Android device to the users PC with a USB cable or connect the devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

Get instant  notifications:

once you connect your phone to the PC using a wired or Wireless connection You can able to do calls, Messages, file managing and anything you want. If you want any call, message or even alerts can be displayed in the desktop of your Windows PC.

Drag and Drop:

The App makes you control your device using the mouse & keyboard of your computer/PC. If you want to make file transfer through the app then just opt to select the file and then drag it and drop on the desired location of your PC, within seconds the file will be copied or moved on PC or Computer.

Replica of your Mobile:

Watch your favorite videos on the computer while watching the same on your mobile, play your favorite game in PC by accessing the game through the Mobile.

File Transfering Feature:

The app is used to Shares data from the Samsung Mobile device to the PC or vice-versa, it also enables the user to easy transfers phone notifications to get notified on the PC. Once you connected the mobile and left aside if you got any call at the moment no need to hurry to catch the call just access from the PC. Likewise, text messages, audio calls, video calls, etc., note that having a webcam is necessary to make any video and audio calls through the PC.

SideSync App for PC (Windows Version):

SideSync for PC supports on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 with 32 bit or 64 bit. SideSync app is compatible with both desktop computers and portable laptops. To enjoy the SideSync features on your PC first you have to download it on our computer. In the year 2019, most of the computers are integrated with Windows 10 Pro version. SideSync is accessible on Windows os, MAC computers smartphone with Android operating system or Windows phone.


Hence this is the total article about SideSync for PC. We hope you loved this article about SideSync for PC its download process and features. We suggest you Download the updated Version of SideSync on your PC and check how it is running on your computer and enjoy the features of it. To  download android apps on PC, more info on latest mod apks