Download Snapchat for PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1

Snapchat For PC

Snapchat for PC is one of the best social media app for communication. Snapchat application is used to communicate with your friends and family in your computer/laptop. It is compared to social media apps likeWhatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Wechat app. In this apk, you can create  a group chat. Snapchat allows you to take selfies with the snap camera and send to your friends. You can share images and files in this snapchat app. Snap chat for a windows computer app is becoming one of the most used social media app having over 150million daily active users from all over the world.  Also, You can post your videos and photos in your story and Timeline.

In this app, you can edit your videos and images into different styles. Snapchat for windows computer app enables emojis and stickers. If you want more stickers on your account, to enjoy these stickers you can download and install them from the web. Now you can enjoy the benefits of Snapchat on your windows desktop also.

Snapchat for PC

Snapchat for PC

By using Snapchat you can enable stickers. And you can edit your images, take selfies by using different styles in your computer. If you want more stickers or emojis you can enable them from Snapchat Stickers store. This application is finally bringing a Snap camera to windows. If you want to download this apk you can follow the below procedure.

How to download  Snapchat For PC?

Let’s begin the download process. Download snapchat for pc with few and easy steps. Here to use Android apps on a computer we need to use an Android emulator on Windows OS initially and then follow up the remaining process from below.

Download Snapchat for PC using Bluestacks

  • If you don’t have any android emulator on your PC/computer don’t worry we help you to download an emulator. Click the below button to download BlueStacks.
  • If you already have an Android emulator please skip this link and go to next level.
  • Click the below link to download Bluestacks For PC.

Download Bluestacks

  • Now install it on your windows computer.
  • After installation, go to the app store and search for the file Snapchat.
  • Alternatively, you can get the below link to Download Snapchat for PC.

Download Snapchat For PC

  • Now install the Snapchat For PC.
  • Once installed the Snapchat for PC you can open and use it.

Why Do You Prefer Snapchat For PC

This app is not only a Snapchat for PC, but you can also install an android emulator for your computers. And you can also install as much as you want and as long as your memory storage can handle it. Snapchat for windows computer like Instagram is preparing to launch a feature called nametags that lets you create a special image that people can scan with the Instagram stories camera to follow you.

  • By using Snapchat for Windows PC/laptop, you can take selfies.
  • With this  Snapchat apk you can create videos and audio chats.
  • This app is also highlighting caption texts in bold, underline and other styles.
  • You can press and hold the camera for the big caption on a video snap by using this Snapchat.
  • Snapchat also includes a Friendly Emojis feature.
  • You can control your camera with volume buttons in Snapchat for a computer.
  • Snapchat app is also having various lenses to enhance your selfies and videos.
  • Check out rewind and Slow-mo filters.
  • You can also Animate your big texts on top of your story by using Snapchat apk.
  • Snpachat contains the Multi-snap feature it allows you to record and share your videos easily in one sequence.and also build your stories out of individual videos.
  • In this new feature, you can hold the camera option to record a video. When the first 10 seconds recorded the app will automatically record another 10 seconds clip videos for up to 60 seconds.
  • In this app also have another feature called snap map, you can see this by yourself. You can find your friends where they are located in by using this snap map.
  • This snapchat also contains voice filter option, here you can change your voice and send to your friends.
  • There is a new feature called Tint brush. This is more than a color editing option. This powerful tool is used to object recognition technology it changes the picture color.
  • At this point, the tint brush is available for editing photos and videos. If you want to start this feature open the scissor tool menu and select the paintbrush and then you will be able to choose a color and change your picture color.

Supported Windows versions

Snapchat for PC  is a messaging downloader application for pc on Windows 10/7/8/8.1. Nowadays most of the people are using window 10 version laptops and computers. I hope you understand who are reading this article is using windows 10(32bit/64bit) version. Also, Windows releases the versions Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems but users are not satisfied with this version. Previously Windows 7 is the standard OS with professional, Homebasic and ultimate versions are the most used operating system in this year 2019.

Snapchat is a communication app and it is loved by many windows users. And in this year 2019 many laptops and computers come up with Windows10 pro versions. Many users are using Windows 10 version for their computers and laptops. Snapchat messaging apk Downloader supports the windows PC version.


Snapchat for a computer is an app similar to one of the Android or iOS apps. The main difference is that you can get the bigger screen of your Windows PC/laptop. Nowadays Android emulators are always getting better each and every time. Tell us your experience about this app in the comment section below. If you have any questions regarding this app please feel free to contact us. we will answer them as soon as possible. And do not forget to share with your friends and you know someone about this Snapchat for PC. Hope you enjoy it. And do not forget to revisit latestmodapks for PC Apps.

Download Snapchat for PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1
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