Download SuperVPN For PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1 Laptop (Official)

If you want to download the VPN app to secure your files on your PC? Then Download SuperVPN app for your PC. This app is a virtual private network tool that keeps your online accounts safe and secure on PC. Here our guide will help you how to download and install SuperVPN Application for PC. You can install this app on your Windows 10,7,8,8.1 version.

If anyone using their Very Important financial accounts in online then SuperVPN for PC is very best among all apps And also a very useful tool download this Virtual Private network Application for who having their important files on your personal computers and you want them to be safe. Nowadays this application is gaining popularity because it is offering Android mobile devices compared to other applications.

On PC, SuperVPN gives free unlimited bandwidth and free trial time. This application is possible to access blocked contacts and browse the internet safely through the virtual private network. It is a Privacy tool to work with desktop.

There are so many third party application for SuperVPN Download that we are using on our Personal Computer systems which imposes our Personal data, Due to this reason this VPN application on PC Windows usage is Mandatory to safeguard our data as well as boost up the Speed of the Internet Connections. This VPN application protects the user’s privacy and keeps the users to safe from 3rd party tracking.

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Download SuperVPN for PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1

Download SuperVPN For PC:

Among all the applications this app is used to secure your accounts. There are so many Virtual Private Network apps on the Internet, Some of the Apps offers some unique features, most of the Apps works fully only when we download it for Paid Version otherwise it is simply Works as a Normal VPN application Without any Benefits of surfing through the Web in the Windows PC.

Virtual Private Network app contains some important features include safeguard option while you are browsing on the internet. By using this feature you can access restricted websites and browse them on the internet. This android application will help you to unblock those websites and give unlimited access to them. This application allows the users to access the websites which have geographic limits.

Allowing you to access websites that have a geographic restriction, ensuring access to a reliable server speed with no restrictions on speed and it can offer encryption of your traffic on the internet. No root access and no registration required for this application. This VPN application offers users a top server with high speed and reliability. Within one click the users can connect their VPNs.

How To Download And Install SuperVPN For PC?

To download this application on your PC You need an Android interface. We always prefer Bluestacks for downloading android apps on your computer.

Download SuperVPN for PC using Bluestacks:

  • If you don’t have any app player on your desktop don’t worry we help you to download an emulator for PC.
  • If you already have an emulator please skip this link and go to the next level and download Super VPN for PC.
  • Click the below link to install  Bluestacks.

Bluestacks For PC

  • These files can take a few minutes to finish the download process.
  • Now Bluestacks is successfully installed on your computer.
  • After the Android emulator has been installed on your computer, search for SuperVPN for PC in the search for on right top on PC.
  • Alternatively, you can download.Apk by using the Below link.

Download SuperVPN For PC

  • Here you may double click on this link or drag your file into Bluestacks to start the installation.
  • Click once to launch it.
  • Once download and install this Virtual Private Network app, you can open and use it on Windows PC.

Features of SuperVPN For PC:


This App is developed and published to download by SuperSoft Tech, which is a newer entrant of the Virtual Private Network  Platform and Free VPN that eventually made a Significant Mark in the Filed within the Short period. About five million downloads of the app and further it became the reliable provider of Windows online security, with anonymity and freedom.

What is SuperVPN:

VPN installation is very simple and easy to use. This application keeps your data in a safe position and it does not allow any other third-party apps to access your data. It saves your data privately in computer.

In this Android VPN  app, you don’t need to log in or a registration in this app. Compared to other applications this app offers to access restricted websites in your laptop. You can increase your internet speed by using this app. You don’t need to root your device for accessing this Android Virtual Private Network app in the year 2019. This application supports in any versions.

How it Works:

This Virtual private Network download has come with a Free version to use with limited features, Explore the Prices with features that worth the Services it provides. The working of the VPN is Simple as it safeguards your private Data which imposes while suing thirty party apps on the Internet.

You can able to connect a PPTP or any local Network. This Windows Application comes with Various Services packages with different types of encryption. If you are not satisfied with the Usage of the App then under strict conditions you can claim Money back within 15 Possible days.


You will get Unlimited data throughout by the download that except for top package, This application also provides Port forwarding with Secure Sockets Layer connections. You can also able to set PPTP Manually to the Desired ports. This Android application serves best and provides the user with 30+ countries with the cheapest PPTP plan offer. This app allows 3 or 5 simultaneous connections and allows the user to access 42+ Countries ports with the High Exclusive Plan for laptops & computer.


With Downloading the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, connections are common for all the Price ranges with featuring manual Connections. As SuperVPN uses MPPE method for Encryption which is the most Secure protocol of Microsoft Windows invention on your Personal Computer. This Android VPN application is easy for you to choose OpenVPN or PPTP, But use the PPTP for better usage. This VPN application does not require the root access in order to use.


The Cheapest pricing page provides the VPN uses 4096-bit Secure encryption for Surfing. And the size of 4096 for RSA encryption. This app is Multilingual with Generic OpenVPN interface that Bundled with many configuration files, Connect Up to five simultaneous connections that which depends on the plan for experience the Good speed on Laptops.

What’s New:

  • Even though it is a VPN you must choose the Plan to Download the SuperVPN application on your computer.
  • There is Four Range of plans for this application which includes several unique features. Select your appropriate plan on SuperVPN app by Windows to use unlimited on the laptop.
  • It is up to you to choose the PPTP connection to your laptop, comparing to all applications, This Application provides the user to choose the number of Connections to Computer over the Windows OS, Solely use it or Connect with three, or five simultaneous connections without any break free Surfing.
  • If you are using a personal computer with most private data then use the PPTP otherwise we recommend you to connect the OpenVPN.
  • There are a lot of Third-party OpenVPN for the Windows OS, iOS, Mac & Android devices we recommend you to download the Virtual Private Network app.

SuperVPN For PC(Windows Version):

The Android app works well with all Microsoft OS models that run Successfully with Windows 8.1 and 10 operating systems. This application works well with all of the High ended and Low Ended devices,& laptops for Downloading on desktop.

Windows XP is mainly used in the Well developed & Developing Countries. Some of the Android Devices with this app only supports PPTP like iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, etc. Using Windows XP you can use this VPN app client software on your Windows. By Downloading this application on your Windows platform will include a lot of Crucial benefits of the desktop.

Open Windows VPN and connect any locations within the 34+ server locations. Connect and Browse with speed on Windows 7 & 8. This VPN for Windows Works well and fast and eliminates the malicious to secure your data.


This is one of the most used SuperVPN App for PC,  If you are looking for an app which secures your Data over the Internet then this must be Best VPN Application of all to get Download. To download apps for your PC learn on latestmodapks.