Download WLANAudit Tool for PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1 Laptop

WLANAudit Tool is a free wireless scanning tool that allows the user to locate wifi networks around you. You can also able to see their MAC addresses, the strength of the signal. It is a wifi finder application that allows you to connect to the internet faster and easier.

This tries to access a default password via a public know algorithm. It is a free software application that helps you to scan WLAN access points and to audit their security. WLANAudit Tool provides information about access points such as MAC address, encryption. The same audit analysis can be applied to other user networks.

It allows you to optimize the content to speed up the load time.

This is one of the free wireless scanning tools that is used to run on all Android devices. WLANAudit Tool is a useful one that is needed to scan for viruses, adware, spyware, malware. It is a free software application that allows users to scan the WLAN access points.

It is a very practical app that every user needs. WLANAudit Tool is not planned to be used as hacking services by networks. It is a wifi finder application that allows you to audit your security wireless networks. So you can able to see if your password is completely secure. It also allows you to push the button to refresh your views oof networks that are available.

WLANAudit Tool for PC

with this, you can also able to select your network and see if you get the password.  WLANAudit Tool allows you to enter the network then you will know the idea to change your password. This is very easy to use and helps you to solve your connection problems. It is capable of generating the keys used by default on Wi-Fi routers. This seems to put the security wireless networks at stake.

How to Download and Install WLANAudit Tool for PC

In this article, we are here to clearly explain the installation process of the WLANAudit Tool. Without this emulator, Download and Install WLANAudit Tool For PC (Windows 10/7/8/8.1) Laptop. So you must get Bluestacks to have on the desktop.

To get this wireless scanning tool, just need to get an Android interface like BlueStacks. via this emulator, you can download this WLANAudit Tool. There are a different number of android players are available in the internet market or google playstore. You can take anyone and use any of them. But here we guide you to have an emulator on your desktop. This is one of the best android emulators when compare to all other emulators. It is simple and easy to use an android emulator. The user can get an emulator from the play store or from the below-given link. So now you need to read the following steps carefully to get this application on your desktop.

  • To begin the process, get the android emulator, Otherwise, click on the given link button to access the Bluestacks.
  • If you already have the Bluestacks then skip this line and run the application directly.

Download Bluestacks

  • Then go to the emulator homepage and click on the given link to install on your desktop.
  • Once the completion of the process of the player, double click on it.
  • After the process is completed, open the Bluestacks.
  • Think once while the process is started that there is an internet connection or not.
  • Later, open the Bluestacks.
  • After Opening the player, Now agree with the terms and conditions and sign in or sign up using a Gmail account or Facebook.
  • Now click to open player and search for the app on the search bar.
  • Alternatively, get the WLANAudit Tool Apk directly from the below-given link.

Download Apk

  • Once the downloading is over, click on the given link button on the desktop install it.
  • After the installation is done, you can click or drag on the app icon on your player’s homepage.
  • Later, once you click on that icon to have the WLANAudit Tool, After that just follow the screen instructions.
  • Now start this amazing and delightful WLANAudit Tool without any glitches.


  • It has a high capacity load balancing.
  • It is the ability to measure high performance.
  • The cloud proxy server can optimize the content to speed up the load time.
  • It has the ability to communicate with both 2.4GHZ devices and 5GHZ devices.
  • This WLANAudit Tool is useful to monitor wifi Nw.
  • It also allows you to test the security of your own wireless Nw.
  • This is also capable of generating random 65 and 18-bit passwords for our Nws.

It is a free software app that is compatible with both the 32bit and 64bit operating systems. This supports the latest version of the latest 10 Pro version for their desktops. with this, you can scan wifi access points within the reach of your mobile devices. Many users are having the latest 10 pro versions for their desktops. It also shows the relevant information about a mac addresses location. This is free for Android and you can verify the security of your Nw.


Finally, This WLANAudit Tool allows you to generate keys for wifi NW.  It is not a hacking tool that does not capture packages to decrypt wifi passwords. The generated keys are used by default by a large variety of router models. Now you can follow the above instructions for getting this WLANAudit Tool. To know more detailed about this type of PC applications go through the link provided here