Download Xender For PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1 Laptop

Xender For PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1: Here we love to write on Xender which is the most loved application by many android users. Yes, you can get this app easily, but you must read our guide to download and install Xender for PC (Windows 10/7/8/8.1) Laptop carefully every single sentence without skipping a word. It is used to sharing the files for your computer to another device. Also, we shall be providing the information clearly.

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Share files with your friends without restrictions

However, these days people are looking for this type of sharing apps, some of our blog readers love to exchange files from using Xender. So, we thought this article where it is possible with our guide to help people. But there is another way to get it.

Xender for PC

Create secures wireless connections or Hotspot

Xender is connected two or more to share images, audios, video files and much more. It is available on four OS platforms whereas Android, iOS, Tizen and in 22 languages. Everything is set up naturally just like share it, and the users will experience a very high-end experience while you get it easily.

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How to Download and Install Xender for PC?

In this section, we will be discussing how to get the tool without any glitches. You can find many ways to Xender. Let’s have a look at some of the cool features which app is having which Shareit app doesn’t have. You can simply have a look at some of the top features of this. You can get it with the download link provided above of this post. But you must be aware about the best features before you get Xender. So let’s try this out.

  • First, you need Bluestacks Android emulator to exchange files with any of the files on Xender.
  • If you had this Bluestacks emulator already in your please skip to directly to the Next link.
  • Now Install Bluestacks Android Player from below link and Install it.

Download Bluestacks For PC

  • On the Interface of Bluestacks, Search for “Xender app”.
  • Alternatively, opt the Below link to get Xender Apk from below link.

Download Apk

  • Once downloaded it, go to download folders and then open the file.
  • Now Install Xender.
  • Once get, you can open and run the app.

Best Alternative: You can use the web version of the app

Features of Xender App:

Supports cross-platform:

It supports cross-platform transferring and allows the user to share files with flash speed without any glitches Through. You can also able to share any type of files through this. Without any restrictions, you can able to send files to your buddies anytime and anywhere. All you need is to install it first.

Light & Fast:

This is the Lightest tool works so smoothly on NT family, The working of this tool is very simple, It creates a Wifi-Hotspot between two or more Systems that enables a cross-platform to exchange files. This is the fastest tool that its speed can reach up to 40Mb/s while sharing Files.

When compared to the speed between LAN and Bluetooth, It transfers much faster, It also better than the ShareIt with this android application you can able to send a large number of files.

Share all kinds of files:

With a single click, This Xender can transfer any type of files of all formats without restrictions to send. From documents, audio Apps, videos, images, games, Sync files and more without the internet on getting Xender.

Does it need the Internet?

No! It doesn’t need any internet to transfer the files it automatically turns the Wifi-hotspot on the Both end in order to connect both devices, You just simply select the files if you need to transfer and then select the device name for which for you want to send, In the Whole process it never uses internet connection to transfer files than other applications. Also, it is free of Cables works with the help of wireless technology for free. Nowadays most of the people are using 10 version. So Xender gave support to Web Version, it can become very easy now.

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How about User-interface?

Comparing to other applications, it has the Good user interface with a Friendly design, You can get it for a mobile device. It Contains Good functions that satisfy the users while transferring the files with Xender.

Within this, You can install, uninstall, delete and open it, games, images and all the files that transferred through the this tool. With a soft slide, you can share the pictures of anyone, Create secures wireless connections or Hotspot.

Does it handle Large Files?

Yes Offcourse, it helps you to send any large files like videos, movies without any limitations than other apps. It comes with more features and a fastest, standalone product of system 7, You don’t need any other App to connect the devices anymore. Simply get the app and you can exchange files with each other. At a time You can transfer multiple videos with it.

By having Xender you are able to Transfer files to More than one person at a time, it means Select the files once and send them to more than one friend or group of your friends at a time. When you need to share large of files like Party gallery to all of the friends it seems to be a long Process but get it with a single click, you can able to send as many files as you want to as many friends as you need to Transfer.

It is simple to use and can able to get for Android, iOS, Phone, Tizen OS platforms. It supports to transfer any type of files of any formats. But also supports sharing files that are internet free, Wireless, No LAN. With this, you can able to connect your Mobile devices using USB.

It is used for sharing files. Using Xender we have another advantage you can Simplify Connections of phones for PC/Mac through USB that ease the Sharing files on iOS and Android Devices. Once get Xender will be ignored by you.


Well, that’s how you can get  Xender. The emulator application is required to run it for Lappy. Now go ahead and see however it is working for you.  If that doesn’t work with the user, ie., then do check out the Official site. To download apps on laptop read on latest mod apks